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Prospects and Opportunities in 2018

Author: Grace Grieve

Steve Glaister was recently asked by Comms Dealer Magazine to take part in a piece about Prospects and Opportunities in 2018. Here’s what he had to say: In the light of the current economic uncertainty in the UK, please explain why you expect your business revenues to grow, stand still […]


Industry Insights : What’s your best price?

Author: Grace Grieve

In our new series, Steve Glaister gives his expert insight into issues affecting the Channel. This time – it’s pricing. It’s a scenario that Sales People in any industry will be familiar with. You’re in a meeting with a would-be customer. You do the demo, you deliver a perfect pitch, […]

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Keeping people happy – part two

Author: Grace Grieve

Last time Chief People Officer for Invosys, Dan Fish, gave his take on some of the best ways to keep employees happy and motivated. This week he continues to explore some of the tried and tested methods that the Channel can use to protect their biggest asset. Autonomy and Trust […]


HR Matters: Keeping people happy

Author: Grace Grieve

The issue of staff motivation and incentive schemes is one that HR teams and business owners alike grapple with daily. Are they really needed? How much is too much? How do you please everyone? What works for one company will not necessarily work for another and there are many variables […]


Invosys Revolutionaries – Jim O’Brien

Author: Grace Grieve

As we continue our series on the revolutionary thinkers who drive Invosys, this time we focus on Jim O’Brien, Designer for Invosys. What’s the best thing about working for Invosys? There’s always something new on the horizon. The company was growing before I started and it hasn’t slowed down yet […]


Darren’s running for healthy hearts

Author: Grace Grieve

It’s no surprise that the Invosys team like to rise to the challenge and Pre-Sales Project Manager Darren Singleton is doing just that this weekend. He is taking part in the Berlin Marathon to raise funds for a charity that is quite literally close to his heart. “This weekend I’ll […]

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Channel Live – how was it for you?

Author: Grace Grieve

Last week saw the Invosys team decamp to Birmingham for the highly anticipated two day Channel Live event. A brand new exhibition, specifically geared at the channel, the industry had high hopes – and it didn’t disappoint. The event itself was slick, with all key players in attendance and a […]


My Favourite Innovation – by Steve Glaister

Author: Grace Grieve

Invosys are celebrating innovation this week in the run up to Channel Live. Steve Glaister gives his take on one of the best innovations of all time: I like innovations that save time and that can amuse me. I like those people who can take an everyday object and transform […]

Dan Fish Invosys

The world’s greatest innovations?

Author: Grace Grieve

Innovation is the very heartbeat of the channel and we want to encourage more companies in the industry to adopt this mind-set. At Invosys, we believe innovation is a powerful tech revolution, with the potential to propel the world of communications forward. A successful, growing industry, ready to not just […]

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