We’re incredibly excited to be launching a handful of new products and services in the coming months.

Alongside a new Fibre to the Premises (‘FTTP’) offering, one of the latest products coming to the Invosys portfolio is our new Auto-Configuration Server (or ‘ACS’) router management system: the best way to monitor your routers.


We’re taking router management to the next level with our all-new ACS platform. This product is a centralised router management platform that allows wholesale partners to monitor the performance of an entire router estate from their fingertips, along with the ability to manage each router remotely.

Invosys has simplified router provisioning and support by using the TR-069 protocol, too. This protocol allows for responsive device management, meaning you can use the ACS to perform remote actions from a single platform.

With the ACS, you can push and pull real-time information from your routers. Whether it’s a provisional change or simply to check the latest status of the device, you can access and alter your router quickly and efficiently at the click of a button.

What’s more, the Invosys ACS is compatible with all routers sold as part of the Invosys estate, including Zyxel, Technicolor and Draytek. However, the product also works perfectly with any router supporting the TR-069 protocol.


The Invosys ACS gives you increased visibility over your entire router estate from a centralised platform. The information available is all in real-time, making it easy to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues or just keep an eye on your routers’ performances. This increased visibility allows you to manage your broadband networks better, as you’re also able to control the CPE. The ability to identify connectivity problems quickly also brings down average call handling times.

Another notable feature is the ACS’ zero-touch provisioning, reducing the number of engineers’ visits as you’re above to perform critical operations remotely. These remote configuration capabilities mean there’s no need to enter PPP credentials, WiFi details or SIP account for ATA routers.

Additionally, we’re delighted to offer the Invosys ACS with no setup fees and a unique ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality. Any new routers are automatically added to the ACS once they’ve been ordered, shortening the installation time at your customers’ premises. Not only are there no setup costs, but the Invosys ACS is also very competitively priced.

And don’t worry — we operate a 24/7 support line for all customers using our ACS platform.

This all-new solution is launching on the 29th of July, so stay tuned for the product’s official release.


WE’VE SPOKEN PREVIOUSLY ON WHY YOU SHOULD BE PRIORITISING FTTP in light of the ever-looming ISDN Switch-Off in 2025. The era of copper connectivity is over. And with more people working remotely from ever, hyper-fast broadband connections with little-to-no dropouts are an absolute must.

Now, we’re excited to be collaborating with TalkTalk in the provision of an exclusive FTTP service. This solution will introduce the next generation of internet connectivity as the UK gears up to develop an infrastructure to support fibre broadband for as many homes as possible. Invosys is also offering the router plus on-site installation as part of our FTTP offering.

Want to know more about our new ACS router management system? On the 29th of July at 9:30am, we’re hosting a free webinar that’ll cover everything you need to know. REGISTER NOW to secure your place!