Invosys Call Shield

An intelligent solution to combat suspected caller fraud

We’re on a mission to ensure nobody — whether you’re an individual or a business — gets caught out by fraudsters looking to steal valuable details.

Our brand-new Call Shield solution works to identify the tell-tale signs of a potentially fraudulent or spam phone call, alerting you to the suspicious activity before criminals can obtain sensitive personal information or valuable business details.

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Safeguarding your details

Built into our best-selling Number Manager platform, Invosys Call Shield can be switched on and personalised at the click of a button, allowing users to benefit from immediate fraud detection. This product also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate algorithms that grow smarter by the second, analysing multiple data points simultaneously to pick up on and safeguard you from phone calls that could be fraudulent.

Are you interested in keeping your valuable personal or business details out of the hands of fraudsters?

Fraud Categories

Category Name Feature Highlight Description
1 Significant Entity Caller presenting as a significant identity falsely Attempt to deceive call recipient into believing the call is coming from a known financial institution, government agency or other significant entity.
2 International Spoof International caller presenting as local/mobile A call originating from overseas is coupled with a number presented as UK-based.
3 Mobile Spoof UK landline number presented as mobile A call originating from a UK landline/trunk number but is presented as a mobile number.
4 Public Phonebox UK public phone box number presented A call arrives from a known list of UK public phonebox numbers.
5 Simultaneous Mobile Simultaneous calls from a mobile number A call arrives where there are already two active calls in progress from the same mobile number.
6 Premium Number Premium rate number presented A call presenting a number from a UK premium rate number range (e.g. 09 ranges).
7 Unallocated Number Presenting an unallocated number range A call arrives into the platform from a range OFCOM has not yet allocated to a UK telecoms operator.
8 Known Bad Actor Presenting a known blocklisted number A call arrives from a number that matches a list of numbers from a national database of known fraudulent numbers, maintained by the Telecoms UK Fraud Forum.