We’re confident about the quality of our products. We know and trust the technical solutions developed by our experts.

But while our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do, offering a ‘good’ service simply isn’t enough for us anymore.

Now, we’re working on giving our customers an exceptional experience with Invosys that goes over and above the norm. Our world-class service is what sets us aside.

So — what are we implementing across the business to give our customers the service they deserve?


On a measurable scale, we’re looking to provide a first-call resolution to at least 80% of our customers’ queries. No unnecessary holding time, no need to be passed around several different team members to find the ‘right’ person to answer a question — just simple, seamless service. Achieving this kind of figure means training our staff and employing multi-skilled and multi-faceted people who have the knowledge to address all sorts of questions.

What’s more, we believe happy employees who feel valued give customers the most enjoyable and helpful experience. Which is why we consistently prioritise the needs of our staff. If employees don’t feel engaged, their work is likely to suffer the consequences. As such, it stands to reason that unhappy frontline staff won’t reflect a positive attitude for our customers.


We’ll also be building two ‘functions’ into our customer service team.

The first function will focus on providing an outstanding frontline experience for every customer, structured as a ‘Customer Support Centre’. This team will be supported by technical experts who’ll work to ensure first-time resolutions take place as often as possible.

The second function will centre on our dedicated team of highly experienced technicians who will be on-call to answer the more advanced technical support tickets.

By dividing and conquering our skillsets, Invosys personnel across both departments will be equipped to address issues to a certain rhythm, dive deeper and gain expertise along the way. As part of the process, we’ll also be streamlining our support product base with the help of the product team.


Improved efficiency and productivity should never be to the detriment of our customers’ experience. Ultimately, we’re driven to improving our employees’ workflows and making their days more enjoyable so they can offer the absolute best customer service possible. We’re also looking to improve our staff retention by ensuring we listen, inspire, lead and develop the talent we have into individuals with dozens of refined skills.

We think it’s crucial to invest in your people. Proper training through regular (and fun) workshops will keep knowledge fresh and relevant to customers’ current queries.

It’s equally as important to consider the tools available to your customer service team. Equipping your own business with high-quality telecoms infrastructure gives your staff the resources they need to do the best possible job and respond quickly to market demands.

If you’re a new or existing Invosys customer, our teams are available round the clock to assist you with any questions or problems you may have. CONTACT US TODAY and someone will be pleased to help you.