Are you regularly inundated with customer service calls but don’t have the resources to handle them properly? Need the help of several technical experts for a project but are short on staff? Perhaps you’re just keen to branch out into new areas but don’t have the right skills?

Sometimes, all your business needs is an extra pair of hands to help things along. You can outsource all your business communications needs to a team of experts in the form of professional telco services or managed telco services.

A professional telco service is usually an ad-hoc or ‘one-off’ request that takes the form of on-site installation work or maintenance support on hardware. Or sometimes, professional services are required for pre-sales or consultancy. A managed service tends to be more comprehensive and offered on an ongoing basis. Businesses can outsource every element of their telecoms needs to an experienced telco that’ll do all the work for you — acting as an agent of your organisation to bolster your offering.

Sound too good to be true? With Invosys’ managed services, you really can have it all…

A shift in focus

In the wake of the pandemic, many businesses have had to refocus their portfolios and re-evaluate their offering to meet changing customer expectations. In a new landscape characterised by remote work, organisations have taken their operations online and switched to cloud-based services or online environments such as Microsoft Teams. And as a result, telecoms companies have had to offer a broader range of unified communications solutions to service all kinds of customers, as well as retrain their engineers and sales teams.

However, your legacy clientele that relies on your more traditional telephony equipment isn’t going to disappear overnight. Every customer still has a set of expectations, meaning you’ll probably have more to juggle than ever before. So, how do you ensure your offering still covers all bases?
A suite of services

When you outsource your telecoms requirements to Invosys, you can benefit from our full portfolio of managed telco services. We’ll step into your shoes and ensure every customer receives the service they deserve. We work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 UK telcos, constantly monitoring their networks and offering implementation and contracted support across the board.

Mission control

We’ll act as your service desk, answering calls and sales queries to provide unfaltering support to your customers and give them a first-rate user experience. Did you know our outsourced customer service line is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year? That’s right: our 24/7 telecoms support service is truly round-the-clock, allowing you to answer your customers’ calls and resolve any issues at all hours.

Operational support

This is where our on-site engineers come in. If your customers have purchased any Invosys hardware that we’ve white-labelled for you, our technicians will come to site and offer best-in-class maintenance or installation services, addressing any and all of your customers’ requirements.


If you’re not on a managed services contract with Invosys, what happens when you need a hand to tackle an emergency or bespoke help with project management? The Invosys team provides professional consultancy support and expertise to assist with all kinds of telecoms queries. We’re on-demand to respond to alerts and fix faults whenever you need us.

We’ve got you (and your customers) covered

Why should you choose Invosys’ managed services? Not only does outsourcing your telecoms requirements to Invosys increase your customer retention, enhance productivity and allow you to extend your working hours, but we also help to localise your offering. We can supply in-country or in-time-zone support for your overseas customers, providing agents based locally so that you can offer a more personal service.

We always white-label our services as your own, enabling channel partners to offer your customers a whole spectrum of different managed telecoms services with your name on each one.

What’s more, our engineers are highly trained and certified to the highest latest standards and we have a strong team of over 25 agents. With over 12 years’ experience of providing world-class customer support services and handling dozens of large telco partners, we have confidence that our solutions are truly market-leading. Our telecoms infrastructure and resources are also second to none. We have an unrivalled suite of cutting-edge products and solutions that are totally flexible to your business: we’ll work with you and tailor our offering to suit your bespoke needs.

Are you ready to outsource your business communications services to the experts? Get in touch to find out more or book a demo on any of our services today.