With the telecommunications industry changing at lightning speed, it’s essential to listen and respond to the market’s fast-evolving demands.

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to a way of working that’s almost purely digital, transitioning away from clunky, dated infrastructure towards a more modern and intelligent approach.

But what does this mean for traditional systems? And how is Invosys leading the inevitable?


We’ve built a name for ourselves as an established player in the telecommunications industry, and much of our success can be attributed to the popularity of our unique Number Manager system.

Number Manager does what it says on the tin: it’s all about managing the data that comes with inbound calls. Users can benefit from a single interface with practically limitless functionality, all neatly packaged into an easy-to-use, cost-effective application.

The platform can be accessed from all types of devices — from any PC or tablet across Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Additionally, all customers receive full training on how to use Number Manager and ongoing support to stay on top of it, too.

So, it’s no surprise that we amass more than 400 sales of Number Manager to our wholesale and reseller partners each month, making it our best-selling product by miles. That’s 400 business partners across the UK every single month.

However, communication via telephone is a dying breed. Companies of all sizes are beginning to (or have already) switched to a cloud-based, digital telephony system.


Although ‘the cloud’ has been around for some time, it’s starting to become the preferred method of storing data and hosting communications systems for businesses across all industries.

In contrast to a traditional phone system, cloud-based telephony uses the internet as the VoIP infrastructure, hosted externally in an external data centre known as the cloud.

But is the cloud an attempt to fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with?

In short: no.

While traditional phone systems long served their purpose, cloud telephony allows for a far wider range of possibilities and integrated features. The main advantage the cloud offers above its conventional counterpart is immensely improved flexibility. Particularly in a new era of increased remote working, most companies rely on the internet for all their business communications, whether via email, instant messaging or to engage in video calls. Traditional telephony sits outside of this integrated, connected sphere and requires a different device entirely.

We’re beginning to see the momentous collision of two worlds of resellers: traditional voice and IT. Both industry segments require elements of each other’s services.

This is where the concept of Unified Communications (‘UC’) comes in. UC refers to a phone system that’s integrated into various aspects of a business’ communication systems, bringing them all together and allowing them to ‘talk’ to one another. Companies that adopt UC will see an increase in the efficiency of their processes and enhanced productivity.


At Invosys, we’re keeping our finger on the pulse when it comes to UC. We know that the desk phone is dead. We’ve identified the market’s trajectory and are watching things unfold as anticipated.

While we can’t give too much away just yet, let’s say this: the Invosys portfolio is growing as the world of telecoms evolves. Something big is coming.

This October, we’ll be releasing a holistic, market-leading Unified Communications as a Service (‘UCaaS’) and Contact Centre as a Service (‘CCaaS’) solution that’ll integrate with the Invosys Number Manager. This product will be available to all our wholesale partners across the UK.

Everything our partners already know and love about Number Manager will remain the same, but with the added UCaaS and CCaaS functionality bolted on for maximum convenience.

Before long, Invosys will be your one-stop-shop for all your telecoms requirements. FTTP. Hosted telephony. Teams. Round-the-clock support. SIP. Number Manager. One comprehensive, world-class service from one organisation.

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