Invosys and Xima recently teamed up for an exciting webinar that delved into how their partnership can take the customer experience in contact centers (CX) to the next level. The topic couldn’t be more timely, with the projected rapid expansion of the global UCaaS and CCaaS markets over the next 6 to 7 years. In this article, we’ll explore how Invosys and Xima are revolutionizing the CCaaS space for small and medium businesses (SMBs and SMEs), filling crucial gaps and standing out from the crowd.

Shedding Light on The Opportunity Between Invosys and Xima

Invosys and Xima have collaborated for the past 2.5 years, developing market-leading end-to-end solutions. Their joint initiative emphasizes innovative tech, leveraging AI chatbots, workforce management tools, and automation to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Furthermore, they provide a complete, customizable platform that includes UC, Contact Center, WFO, WFM, and advanced applications, all paired with number management—an end-to-end platform.

Why Invosys and Xima?

Understanding Xima CCaaS and the Gaps Xima Fills

Xima focuses primarily on the SMB market, offering solutions that address standard ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) challenges. These solutions include skill-based routing, queue callback, omnichannel capabilities, customization options, queue announcements, WFM/WFO, real-time wallboards, custom reports, formulas, and speech analytics.

In contrast to Enterprise CCaaS, which overlooks the SMB market, Xima steps in to bridge this gap. Tailored for SMBs, Xima provides cost-effective, user-friendly solutions with high customizability. Their offerings feature seamless integrations with CRM, EHR, and MS Teams for easy and swift installation. Xima also delivers a comprehensive cradle-to-grave CCaaS experience, ensuring all communications are covered from start to finish, allowing supervisors to access customizable reporting on queue interactions.

Xima’s advanced applications, such as WFO, AI Speech Analytics, and WFM, further enrich its suite of SMB solutions. Speech analytics enables targeted transcript searches through keyword and phrase matches and sentiment analysis reviews. Workforce management facilitates effortless forecasting, scheduling, and adherence monitoring.

Understanding The Complete Solution: Why You Should Partner With Invosys and Xima

Invosys and Xima’s partnership is all about streamlining business operations – with a solid commitment to supporting their partners every step of the way. They simplify the sales process, offering demos and robust support to ensure a seamless experience for you. Plus, they provide executive engagement, connecting you directly with the CPO, SVP, and CEO for any queries you might have. Quarterly touchpoints are in place to guarantee your customers receive top-notch support. 

Their cutting-edge contact center tools are tailored to tackle the five key challenges in customer service:

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Boosting agent productivity and retention
  • Optimizing technology stack
  • Ensuring precise data tracking
  • Improving communication

What’s in it for You?

Partnering with Invosys and Xima opens doors to an array of benefits tailored to your success. Experience an increased average revenue per user, elevate your contact center customer experience with enhancements, and gain access to cutting-edge advanced applications. As customer expectations evolve and the digital landscape expands, Invosys and Xima provide the solutions to meet these demands. With competitive price points, a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio supported by 24/7 support, and the opportunity to monetize your existing customer base, this partnership is designed to help you thrive in the dynamic world of CX/CCaaS.

Enhance Your Contact Center Customer Experience with Invosys and Xima

Invosys and Xima have joined forces to bridge gaps in the CX/CCaaS market by providing competitive pricing, end-to-end support, and a range of productivity solutions. Their partnership is dedicated to addressing customer service challenges and providing comprehensive support to businesses in various industries. For an enhanced contact center customer experience, contact Xima and Invosys today or watch our recent partner webinar.