Not all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are ready to make the switch to the cloud… 

The shift to cloud communications has been one of the most significant telco trends of the past few years, with many businesses embracing the benefits cloud solutions can offer.  

From unlimited scalability and increased flexibility to improved security and savvy multi-channel integration, cloud communication has the potential for innovation and new capabilities — especially for businesses that rely on telecommunications to conduct their business.  

But committing a whole organisation to the cloud can feel like the digital equivalent of a trust fall. Moving all data off-site and keeping communications solely in the cloud can be a recipe for an IT headache — and some businesses would prefer to take the impending digital transformation at their own pace. 

So, for all those customers who haven’t quite got their head in the cloud, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a best-of-both-worlds solution that offered all the benefits whilst keeping their feet firmly on the ground? 

Welcome to a hybrid cloud solution

Not everything belongs in a public cloud, which is why many companies are now choosing a hybrid mixture of cloud solutions — offering the benefits of both public and private clouds. 

Organisations can use cloud services where it works best for them — whilst keeping certain operations within their on-premises network infrastructure. For example, your customer might store sensitive financial or customer information on their private cloud and use a public cloud to run the rest of their enterprise applications. 

For any SMEs hesitant to make the complete switch to cloud communications, the hybrid cloud is a perfect solution.  

After all, no matter how well businesses plan to meet today’s needs, unless they have a crystal ball (wouldn’t that be nice?), who knows how demands could change within a year — or even a month? A hybrid cloud approach lets organisations move at their own pace, splitting their workload between a public cloud and a small-scale private cloud to see what suits their enterprise.  

If it works for them, SMEs can continue expanding their cloud presence as needed without having to over invest in hardware they’ll only use temporarily. 

 Sounds like a win-win, right? We’ve not even got to the really good bit! 

Reaching new heights with Avaya 

Avaya is recognised as one of the leading global providers of communications solutions, with the sole vision of reimagining how people and businesses engage and experience the world. Like us, Avaya strives to create boundary-pushing, transformative solutions that make the complex simple…   

And that’s where Avaya IP Office comes in. 

Together, we’re bringing a revolutionary unified communications subscription to the SME market. Combining voice, messaging, video and conference capabilities into a single phone system, Avaya IP Office subscriptions aim to bridge the gap for customers using outdated systems, allowing them to migrate to future-proof platforms.  

Your customers won’t have to stray too far out of their comfort zone. In fact, our subscription service provides the same functionality and features as an onsite PBX — it’s just a cloud solution coupled with the Invosys infrastructure.  

The good news for our resellers? We’re saving you an IT headache, offering a stellar end-to-end service wrap and supplying the software, system setup, migration, ongoing maintenance and support. All you need to do is sell the software… 

All the bells and whistles

For your customers, the Avaya IP Office subscription offers many benefits. 

They’ll receive a highly reliable, powerful and easy-to-use unified communications platform that combines voice, messaging, video and conference capabilities into a single phone system — whilst allowing them to make and receive calls from their desk phones, softphones, mobile devices or even web browsers.  

Connectivity is ensured from anywhere (anytime) with multi-experience collaboration across devices and touchpoints without compromising service quality. 

Plus, all calls will be routed through our industry-leading Number Manager platform, forwarding them to the IPO via a SIP destination. This intuitive plug-and-play app can be integrated with loads of other Invosys products — such as our intelligent Invosys Call Shield solution, which works to combat suspected caller fraud and keep your customers safe from pesky scammers. 

For SMEs currently using older systems, calls will be routed over an old ISDN line (heads up — the 2025 switch-off is looming) or another SIP trunk provider, which will incur a monthly cost. Moving to Invosys’ service means your customers can say goodbye to that wasted fee — and hello to more bang for their buck. 

Heading to the cloud in 3, 2, 1… 

With various options available, SMEs can flex their subscriptions to meet their business needs. Do they want to pay monthly for three years? No problem. They can even try it for 12 months and see how they get on! 

We’ve designed the Avaya IP Office subscriptions to make life simple for your customers — with easy-to-add features and upgrades to advance digital transformation at their own pace.  

How does the Avaya IP Office subscription benefit resellers, we hear you ask. Well, if you aim to stay current within your customer base, enjoy recurring revenue and bask in free support entitlement, you’ll want to grab a slice of the IP Office pie. Our service allows you to focus on selling the user experience — with loads of opportunities for cross-selling, upselling and multi-year contracts. 

Ready to take Avaya IP Office subscriptions to your customers?  

Revolutionise your offering and stay one step ahead of market trends with Invosys’ groundbreaking solutions. To find out more, get in touch with our sales team at 0161 444 3333 or email