Invosys has been in action for almost 16 years, building our inbound supplier heritage with our leading Number Manager solution. Over the years, we’ve innovated our company to provide full-spectrum, end-to-end managed professional services that help you take care of your business, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing sales and revenue. 

As a trusted communications provider, when the world changes, we adapt. And during the pandemic, our world changed more rapidly than anyone could have predicted. Whole industries had to revaluate their infrastructures, and businesses like us had to regroup, refocus and refine our strategies.  

A digital transformation 

Cloud computing is the technology that has allowed businesses to continue operating through an unprecedented crisis that could have easily brought many to their knees. Overnight, companies had to adopt a completely different way of working, and complacency was no longer an option.  

The shift to remote working wouldn’t have been possible without the cloud creating the opportunity for employees to securely connect to their network with their own devices. Now, employees want to keep that freedom and the flexibility of working from anywhere — we’ve sure come a long way from dial-up!  

Many people have had to upgrade their home’s connectivity and expand their bandwidth to cope with the increased reliance on speedy (practically instant) internet. Communications need to be faster, more efficient and more innovative than ever before. 

Any ideas where we’re going with this? 

Reaching new heights with Avaya 

Avaya is recognised as one of the leading global providers of communications solutions, with the sole vision of reimagining the ways people and businesses engage and experience the world. Like us, Avaya strives to create boundary-pushing, transformative solutions that make the complex simple…  

Invosys is honoured to be joining Avaya on their journey to the cloud. We are now the technology service provider for Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, building on a 12-year heritage with Avaya.  

This means we can offer an innovative solution to customers with support provided by Avaya, including unified communications services, bundled carrier services, desktop options and delivery, management and support with monthly, subscription-based billing. As a technology service provider, we’ll also offer value-added flexible services — including project managers, sales support, installation and a 24/7 service desk manned in the UK. 

The natural progression of this relationship between two telco-managed service providers means exciting things are in the works: we’re doing things differently. We’re launching a go-to-market proposition, endeavouring to create a bigger and better partner product to layer over our professional and managed services.  

 The future of Invosys 

 We’re building on a portfolio that has grown from a small but trusted set of telecoms solutions to market-leading, high-tech solutions such as Invosys Call Shield, our direct routing with MS teams solution and Invosys Flow 

Keeping our finger on the pulse and understanding how the world is changing has helped us establish where we need to adapt and what new services we need to provide. Invosys is committed to creating change and offering choice in the channel by providing alternative solutions that encourage customers to try something new and exciting.  

Becoming a master agent for Avaya means we can do just that — offering our customers a unique communications solution that creates effortless experiences. 

Are you ready to join us on the journey to the cloud? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.