The shift to cloud computing has been one of the most significant tech trends of the past few years, with many businesses embracing the host of benefits the cloud can offer.

From reduced IT costs and increased flexibility to improved security and boosted application performance, the cloud brings about the potential for innovation and new capabilities — especially for businesses that rely on telecommunications to conduct their business.

Communication has never been more critical in the rapidly changing (yet always competitive) world of commerce. Thankfully, effective communication has also never been more accessible thanks to cloud communications.

So, if this is the case, why are business owners still resisting the switch?

At its most basic, ‘the cloud’ refers to any software or service not located on a personal computer or device. Instead, data is stored off-site and lives solely on the internet.

For some, this framework may seem untrustworthy and raise alarm bells about data security. But cloud data isn’t just floating around unprotected. In fact, sensitive data is often a lot safer in the cloud than on-premises — and here’s why…

1. Data loss prevention

Surrendering data to the cloud can feel like the digital equivalent of a trust fall.

But if organisations aren’t investing in a cloud computing solution, all valuable data is inseparably tied to its office computers. So, why’s this an issue?

Computers and hardware can malfunction for many reasons — from viral infections and age-related deterioration to simple user error (we’ve all been there…). And if any physical equipment experiences a problem, valuable data could be lost — permanently.

Alternatively, if data is stored in the cloud, all that information is secure and accessible from any device with an internet connection. So, no matter what unforeseen circumstances arise, that data can be retrieved and accessed from a backup server.

2. Round-the-clock security

Did you know cloud networks are under constant surveillance?

Previously, businesses always stored data in privately owned servers. But that requires having your own IT department and premises to keep the servers, continually updating hardware and software and developing stringent contingency plans in case of a data breach or an unforeseen disaster, like a fire.

So, for most organisations, 24/7 data security isn’t a cost they can afford.

On the other hand, cloud providers have full-time staffing and a round-the-clock security operations centre (SOC) that constantly monitors network infrastructure — keeping your data secure.

Protecting sensitive information is a top priority for any business (especially with security threats like call spoofing, malware and denial of service attacks swirling around)…

Cloud communications providers offer security measures like data encryption authentication protocols to keep communications safe. So, if hackers intercept a person’s data during its transfer to or from the cloud, they’ll be the only user with the information needed to access their files.

3. Safer collaboration

Collaboration is an integral part of most business operations, and transitioning to the cloud can provide team members anywhere in the world with the tools to work together both safely and efficiently.

With new cloud solutions like unified communications software, we’ve entered an era where the workday is no longer confined to a specific desk, phone or computer screen. Professionals now have the freedom to work remotely and share their skills globally — all they need is the right device and a cloud connection.

Unified communications solutions enable a higher level of interaction, making sure that everyone has access to the same secure system and that shared information is protected with end-to-end data encryption.

And the best part? We have the perfect solution for you — packaged into one easy-to-use, intuitive app…

The future of unified communications 

Invosys Flow is our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution that unites telephony, PBX, instant messaging, video meetings and call-centre functionalities under one umbrella.

What does this mean for businesses? Boosted productivity, more flexibility, cost savings and improved data security — with access to IT support for all your company’s users, no matter where they are.

The options are endless with Invosys Flow — from both a partner and end-user perspective. Gone are the days of investing in separate data sharing and communications systems. Now, cloud-based unified communications solutions can provide a complete package of interconnectivity between teams, making working together simple, secure and efficient.

Are you ready to make the move to the cloud?

With Invosys Flow, you can revolutionise the way you work without compromising your data security. Get in touch with our team at to learn more about Invosys Flow and our other telco solutions. We’re more than happy to help.