In order to counteract some of the bad news we have all collectively dealt with this year, here at INVOSYS we have some exciting updates due to the recent acquisition of Atrium Telecom Ltd. At INVOSYS, we are happy to announce that we can now provide significant additional support services in which amplify both INVOSYS 24/7 and channel services portfolio.

Furthermore, INVOSYS can now offer white labelled professional technical design, installation and support services in which are designed to complement and enhance the existing customer support packages. On top of this, we also have significant engineering expertise with several prominent vendors and the skills to deploy on premise, Hybrid and Hosted UC and CC on the customers behalf. Due to this type of development, a large number of partners have been able to move in new product areas where they currently have no existing skills, competencies or experience.

Dependent on your needs, the team at INVOSYS can either work alongside or as part of your current teams to look at project, program and client service management, pre-sales support on different opportunities such as; design, pricing, and technical sign off. If needed, additional services including cabling and provision of hardware are also available. The team have an extensive list of certifications including: Panasonic, Avaya Mid-Market, and Enterprise Portfolios, Avaya Cloud Office, RingCentral, Gamma Horizon, TelcoSwitch and LG iPecs. However, it doesn’t stop there as the team are always looking to upskill and improve their knowledge to enhance the overall technical capability. To get more personal, as a customer, you are now able to receive a tailor-made support package in which fits your exact needs and requirements!

Ultimately, there is no end to the new support and technical capability after the union of Atrium Telecom Ltd and INVOSYS. We want to keep supporting our customers and after introducing these new products and customer services we hope we can further your custom throughout 2021.

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