Inbound call management has become a vital part of modern business operations. With the constant influx of calls from customers, vendors, and other stakeholders, it can be challenging to keep track of and efficiently handle these calls. Fortunately, with the inclusion of SIP trunking in Invosys Number Manager, businesses can now take back control of their inbound calls and streamline their communication process while enjoying cost-effectiveness and enhanced functionality.

This blog will explore how this advanced platform can help you regain control of your communication systems and provide valuable insights into the benefits of cloud-based SIP trunking.

What is Cloud-based SIP Trunking?

The market for session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking services is booming, with an expected growth to $26.82 billion by 2027, according to Global Newswire. Such growth emphasizes the increasing prevalence of SIP trunking solutions in modern business environments.

Cloud-based SIP trunking is an advanced communication solution that leverages the power of the internet to manage voice calls and other digital communications. A cloud SIP provider groups one or several SIP connections and runs them through a company’s on-premises private branch exchange (PBX). Those SIP lines are then run through a SIP trunk, enabling calls and other digital communications over an internet connection.

Unlike traditional ISDN systems, SIP uses virtual phone lines, which can be easily integrated with existing phone systems. This flexibility allows for both non-geographic and geographic numbers to be connected to inbound services, providing a local presence without the need for physical locations. This technological advancement is vital for businesses looking to streamline their communication systems and reduce costs.

Managing Inbound Calls with Number Manager

Efficient inbound call management is crucial for any business that runs on customer communication, and Invosys’s Number Manager offers a comprehensive connectivity solution for advanced call routing. Accessible from a single interface, Number Manager provides practically limitless functionality, making it easier than ever to manage your inbound calls.

One of Number Manager’s standout features is that it eliminates the need to replace existing PBX servers. This means you can enjoy all the upgraded features without the hassle and expense of overhauling your current system.

The Benefits of Invosys Number Manager

  • Enhanced Functionality: Number Manager offers advanced call routing and management features that enhance your communication capabilities.
  • Scalable: The platform can grow with your business, ensuring that your communication systems remain efficient as your needs evolve.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: A user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to manage inbound calls effectively.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By streamlining your communication processes, Number Manager helps reduce operational costs.

How Number Manager Works with Invosys SIP

Invosys offers Number Manager as part of its industry-leading SIP telephony infrastructure and inbound call management platform. This integration ensures that you can leverage SIP technology to its fullest potential while enjoying the advanced features of Number Manager.

Our SIP solution includes all of the Number Manager’s tracking and reporting widgets. So, customers can benefit from dialed or target number analysis, caller location summaries, live stats, and scheduled reports all in one place. This comprehensive solution ensures that you have all the tools you need to manage and optimize your inbound calls effectively.

Contact Invosys for Advanced Inbound Call Management Solutions

Invosys provides top-tier inbound call management solutions tailored to the needs of customer service managers, small businesses, enterprises, and contact centers. With our state-of-the-art Number Manager and robust SIP telephony infrastructure, you can regain control of your communication systems and enhance your operational efficiency.

Contact Invosys today and discover how our advanced solutions can help you achieve your business communication goals.