Communication technology has changed profoundly, especially over the past few years.
We have moved from the first portable mobile phone with antennas and fold down keyboard covers to our current smartphones. But progress does not stop there. As of 2025, all active ISDN and PSTN lines will be switched off and businesses can purchase ISDN lines only up to September 2023.

Even though we have been given a few more years with our ISDN lines, it does not change the fact that this technology is rather dated and investing time and money in old technology won’t benefit businesses.

With that in mind IP telephony is the best next step for businesses to take. SIP, unlike ISDN, uses virtual phone lines and can be integrated with existing phone systems. It also allows you to have non-geographic and geographic numbers connected to inbound services. This implies a local presence without physically needing to be in a particular geographic area.

Invosys SIP

SIP trunking itself is not a new product though. INVOSYS SIP is. Our INVOSYS SIP offers a cost-effective solution that will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Upgrade today to save money and improve your communications. It allows your customers access to complex IP Telephony features and functionality without having to replace their current PBX infrastructure. We have developed a platform which allows users to create call plans including queues, menus, and call recording with little to no training. Regardless of your customer’s telephony journey, Invosys SIP enables every step to take place within a single, easy to use interface.

INVOSYS SIP uses our NUMBER MANAGER reporting functionality to present all your reporting requirements including dialled / target number analysis, caller locations summary, live stats and scheduled reports. With NUMBER MANAGER you can take control of your services using our simple yet feature rich portal. Available through a web browser, the NUMBER MANAGER portal is well established in the market and it is through this portal that customers are able to order SIP trunks, manage their inbound services and view call traffic reports and CDR’s.

Number Manager

Find out more about our market-leading NUMBER MANAGER platform (which comes free of charge with INVOSYS SIP) and BOOK A DEMO TODAY.