Business collaboration is a powerful tool for companies — regardless of size or industry. 

For telcos, working with fellow suppliers and developers can help to unlock incredible new sources of value that benefit all parties. After all, any telco — even those with advanced solutions and services — knows there are limits to the value they can generate alone.  

By combining the resources and expertise of different organisations, all partners in the collaborative network can better innovate, grow and increase their competitiveness on many levels. 

How, you ask? Let’s take a look at how business collaboration can help take telcos to new heights… 

The (many) benefits of collaboration

The telco industry is more competitive than ever, and individual businesses can face a lot of limitations when trying to compete in global markets.  

Through collaboration, telcos innovating alongside developers and suppliers create a complementary partnership — pooling their specialist expertise to create a comprehensive, well-rounded product or service that can compete in markets usually beyond their reach.  

Sounds great! But what would this look like for telcos? 

New opportunities

Through collaborative networks, telcos can tap into new markets, customer segments and distribution channels that would otherwise be inaccessible to individual organisations.  

Once telcos find their roots in these new sectors, they can increase domestic and international sales — enabling service providers to bid for larger contracts and capitalise on shared resources to reduce expenses. Win-win! 

Team development

No telco — or business of any kind, for that matter — can be truly successful without an expert team. 

By collaborating with suppliers and developers to diversify their products and services, telcos can allow employees to build their skills and improve their capabilities, foster job security and create new and varied employment opportunities.  

A culture of continuous learning is motivating for telco teams everywhere. The industry is constantly changing, so exchanging expertise through collaboration is a great way to drive innovation and keep teams excited for the future of communications. 

Market navigation

The telco market can be rocky — and strategic partnerships with other suppliers and developers can strengthen a telco’s brand reputation and credibility. 

Not only does collaboration allow companies to diversify their portfolios, but it also allows them to distribute risk between strong partnerships. So, in the event of a downturn or unforeseen obstacle, partnered businesses can come together to find and share solutions.  

As a result, it becomes easier for individual organisations to weather the storm of market uncertainty, ensuring long-term stability and resilience in the face of challenges. 

Practicing what we preach  

Over the years, we’ve worked with telco giants like Avaya and Telavox to grow stronger together and develop the groundbreaking communications solutions our customers know and love… 

For example, we’re sure you’ve heard of our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, Invosys Flow (and if you haven’t — where have you been?). Well, Invosys Flow was born when we joined forces with telecommunications software company Telavox to bring this flexible, straightforward unified communications (UC) platform to the telco market. 

Invosys Flow combines telephony, PBX, messaging, meetings and call-centre functionalities into one simple app for businesses that frequently scale up or down with remote and contract workers. 

Many on-premises or hosted solutions require weeks of expensive professional services to make changes that isolate PBX, CRM and collaboration systems from each other. Alternatively, Invosys Flow offers self-service control that allows users to quickly change the PBX setup and customer service environment according to operational and budgetary needs.  

Administrators can manage users, costs and security through a single portal rather than logging in to several separate systems, and callers are routed automatically to the right agent by leveraging the established functionality of our market-leading Number Manager platform. 

What’s more, Invosys Flow allows colleagues to stay in touch through various browser, desktop and mobile applications. 

We built Invosys Flow on the foundations of Telavox’s renowned UC application. Through our partnership with this industry-leading telephony provider, we’ve created a unique UC solution that’s totally customisable for our customers, combining Invosys’ Number Manager capabilities with the messaging and video conferencing functionality developed by Telavox’s platform.  

Picking our partners wisely

So, why Telavox? 

Based on the company’s like-minded business culture, values and obsession with exceptional customer experience, we knew they were the right partner for us… 

Since 2002, Telavox has built its UC platform from top to bottom, focusing on innovation and quality. Now, it dominates in much of Europe, with over 250,000 end-users across nine countries worldwide. 

This collaboration has brought together two highly respected and reputable telecoms organisations to introduce a pioneering UCaaS solution to the UK market that helps keep our customers communicating effectively — no matter their challenges. 

If you’re interested in joining the thousands of Invosys Flow users, you can request a free demo or get in touch with us at