We’ve heard so much about how life has changed over the past two years. It’s been a bit of a never-ending recap. And we’re guilty for it, too: it’s still all that most people can talk about. We know that the world of work has evolved to adopt hybrid working for good. We’ve read everything about the challenges facing the global supply chain due to shortages of raw materials.

But what about Invosys? How have we changed? Perhaps we aren’t the same telecoms provider you once knew us to be…

An agent for change

The truth is that our renewed strategy and market offering does, in fact, hinge on the events of the last two years.

To us, this indicates the presence of an inflection point: an event that results in a significant change in the progress of a company, industry, sector, economy or geopolitical situation.

Businesses, industries and economies globally have been forced to overhaul their ways, as failing to do so means they’re unlikely to survive. Take the retail industry, for example. The way consumers view high-street shopping has changed enormously after so long of only being able to purchase online, and major international chains have closed as a result of neglecting to update their business models. Additionally, some individuals responded to the world’s events by buying a dog or adopting a new fitness routine — fundamentally altering their lives due to external factors.

Like the rest of the world, Invosys has pivoted off this inflection point that’s caused us to take stock, reassess our focus and refine our strategy. We’ve worked hard to evaluate the nuances of the new market and have adapted accordingly to both stay afloat and thrive.

A paradigm shift

As we’re a player in the telecoms industry, hybrid working has been at the forefront of inciting change for Invosys. Employees no longer want to be confined to working on-site five days a week, and the shift to a more flexible ‘work-from-home’ lifestyle is likely to stick around. Consequently, many people have had to upgrade their home’s connectivity and expand their bandwidth to cope with the increased reliance on speedy internet.

And with so many people working remotely, fixed desk phones have almost died out entirely. Instead, we’ve seen a true convergence between IT and telecoms environments that fuse pure IT services with telephony (such as Microsoft Teams). In the past, a traditional phone call was the only acceptable option. Now, people don’t think twice before initiating a video call with a colleague or client, and in some situations, it’d be more unusual to call someone’s phone than to contact them over Teams.

Platforms like Microsoft Teams have also fuelled the acceleration to cloud-based services. Many businesses’ telephony, data and storage now exist in the cloud, making them accessible from all kinds of devices and allowing employees across industries to work from anywhere.

All of these environmental factors have played a significant role in influencing Invosys’ choices, helping us establish where we need to change and what new services we need to provide.

An evolved offering

This is Invosys like you’ve never seen us. We’re currently in chrysalis form, undergoing the transformation into a Managed Services provider for our wholesale telecoms partners. Just three years ago, Invosys’ sole offering was our inbound service, Number Manager. And whilst our new portfolio still links intrinsically to this heritage offering, we’re evolving into so much more than that.

The Invosys portfolio now comprises four defined pillars:

  1. Connectivity. We’ve become the next-generation supplier of connectivity services, from enabling SoGEA and FTTP to wraparound router provision and management via our own router management platform.
  2. Managed Services. Our extensive support services are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year — and that’s a promise. We provide simple call handling to full managed services for all kinds of clients.
  3. Unified Communications. Our MS Teams direct routing solution has become immensely successful, and we followed this triumph with our collaboration with Televox to bring you Invosys Flow: the ultimate white-labelled UCaaS service.
  4. Voice. Inbound telephony is our bread and butter. Based on our best-Number Manager solution, we’ve developed several other voice services, including fusing Number Manager with IP telephony, a drag-and-drop tool to simplify complex call routing and our brand-new Call Shield to identify and combat suspected caller fraud.

Each product available to our partners is underpinned by 24/7 telecoms support across the board, including order management, BDM support, onboarding and much more. Invosys is now your full end-to-end provider of Managed Services, seamlessly delivering your customers’ connectivity to any device.

We’re no longer the heritage inbound supplier you might’ve become familiar with. Invosys is a new breed of telecoms provider that acts as a Managed Services partner to help businesses grow in all directions.

The revolution is calling. Are you ready to pick up? Choose Invosys as your new Managed Services provider and transform your customers’ connectivity today. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.