The driving force of Invosys’ success has always been its people. Our customer service and technical teams work exceptionally hard to ensure our customers receive the world-class service they deserve.

But what does a typical day look like for a member of the Invosys team?

We spoke to Adam Glover, one of our fantastic Business Development Managers, about what he gets up to each day…


On any given day, the Business Development Managers provide assistance to existing customers by setting up virtual routing or assisting with upgrading phone systems to Invosys’ Hosted telephony solution. HOSTED allows people to work remotely and answer calls from anywhere.

The Business Development Managers also specify, advise and sign off IT support contracts. Recently, Adam helped the UK’s leading LPG supplier do just this. This client’s existing IT infrastructure was ancient, but it wasn’t quite ready to upgrade yet. So, Adam established a contract to help manage the company’s old system and integrate new software when the time was right.

What’s more, one of Invosys’ clients in the finance sector needed a hand purchasing an extra 2,000 virtual numbers. Adam addressed this with ease, thereby enabling the company to keep up with their clients’ requirements.


In light of the fast-approachingISDN SWITCH OFF IN 2025, Invosys has been incredibly busy equipping various businesses’ premises with FTTC and FTTP. Adam upgraded the connectivity to FTTP and FTTC for the northwest’s premier engineering supplier at two of its sites that had been struggling with broadband.

One of Invosys’ clients, a mortgage company based out the countryside, was also having difficulties with its internet connection. However, Adam solved this seamlessly by providing the business with FTTP and transforming the quality of its connectivity.


All kinds of businesses need guidance with their connectivity and phone systems.

Adam helped reduce costs for a client who decided to sell her struggling bridal business and needed a virtualised fixed line. He set up a system that allowed his client to forward incoming calls to the new owners of the bridal shop while keeping the business’ phone number the same.


Being a Business Development Manager requires you to be prepared to assist current and future customers with any queries. For example, Adam had an in-depth discussion with a loyal client about the benefits and challenges of walking puppies that are in line to become guide dogs for the blind!

Adam also successfully arranges meetings with potential customers and recently put a date in the diary to meet a prospective client at a rugby match. Work hard, play hard…


No matter what tasks fill Invosys’ Business Development Managers’ days, everything is always about ensuring our customers’ pain points are addressed swiftly, guaranteeing that working with Invosys is an enjoyable and efficient process.

Our focus is on integrating our services with your business and offering bespoke solutions for customers of all shapes and sizes.

If it sounds like you could use an Invosys’ Business Development Managers’ support for your business, GET IN TOUCH, and a member of our team would be delighted to help you.