This March, a new member joined our ever-expanding team… 

As our operations grow, we’re always looking for the next best technology and solutions. But one thing we’ve never forgotten is the importance of providing excellent service for our channel partners — ensuring there’s still an unbeatable human touch in everything we do.  

That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Manni Pearce as our new channel sales manager! 

Manni’s joined us from Vonage, a global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) provider, where he worked as a channel manager for the company’s UK, Europe and APAC regions. 

With 23 years in the telco industry, Manni will be a fantastic asset to the Invosys team. We caught up with him to find out what he’ll bring to the table and his advice for channel partners involved in the telco industry… 

What does your new role at Invosys entail?

Like my last role, one of my main priorities will be onboarding channel partners and bringing them up to speed.  

But I’m also looking forward to taking on new ventures with my inherited accounts. Over the next few weeks, I aim to introduce myself to the existing customer base and familiarise myself with the products they use from Invosys — so I’m in the best position to offer them more solutions. 

Most importantly, though, I’m keen to use my experience in networking to attract new channel partners to work with Invosys. Even though I’m based in Bristol (a fair few miles from the Invosys office!), I know Manchester well from my previous role. Plus, with nearly 1,000 connections on LinkedIn and lots of networking events under my belt, there are many opportunities to recruit new talent. 

What’s your favourite way to network?

I’m pretty well known in southwest business circles after attending many in-person networking events — and I plan to head to lots more in the future! 

These events are great for meeting new channel partners and spreading the word about our products and services, and I can drum up my strong relationships with partners from previous roles for new business. After all, it’s never too late to be introduced to the Invosys portfolio… 

I also think a great way to network is to maintain regular contact by delivering informative, valuable updates. I like to email my customers after our meetings to thank them for their time and follow up with solutions that’ll benefit them. Adding that personal touch keeps communications between telco providers and channel partners strong.  

How do you find working remotely?

I enjoy travelling up and down to the Invosys office and client meetings. Still, with technology the way it is (especially after COVID), it’s also easier than ever to work remotely. 

I’m no stranger to remote working, and I’m fortunate enough to have a separate space detached from my house (and two young daughters!) that supports a healthy work-life balance and provides a more professional atmosphere.  

In fairness, I couldn’t sit at a desk every day. That’s why I like joining networking events and attending trade shows — to keep up that social aspect of the job. 

Any advice for channel partners selling Invosys solutions?

The industry has changed so much over the years… 

I think the most important thing for channel partners to remember is that every business has its pain points. Investigating the solutions they already use — and what they want to achieve as a business — will allow you to consult them about solutions that’ll benefit them. Understanding this will help you become a reliable source for telco products and services they’ll keep coming back to. 

It’s also a good idea to think outside the box. Most businesses nowadays have unified communications platforms. So, rather than always leading with Invosys Flow, why not tell them about our 24/7 support and professional services? Once they’ve seen the benefits, you can offer products like Invosys Flow that enhance the solutions to their problems.  

With aspirations to bring in new clients for Invosys and work closely with our valued channel partners, we know we’ve gained a valuable player in Manni. You can find him on LinkedIn. If you want to talk to him about our products, drop him a message!