Ofcom will shortly be releasing a new sub-range of numbers for London: 0204. These numbers will be used alongside existing 0203, 0207, and 0208 numbers across the whole of the Greater London area.


Ofcom’s release of 0204 numbers

The new 0204 numbers will be made available for allocation at noon on Tuesday 1st October 2019. Ofcom plan to make blocks of numbers beginning with (020) 4500 to (020) 4599 available initially.

How to apply for 0204 numbers

Applications from communications providers requesting allocation of 0204 numbers will be accepted from noon on 1st October. Choice of available blocks will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Applications will be considered in line with Ofcom’s usual allocation criteria, including demonstrating justified demand for more London numbers if already holding allocations of 020 numbers. We will generally allocate only one block of (020) numbers at a time.

The London area code is (020)

Ofcom ask that you take any opportunities to strengthen your customers’ understanding that the area code for London is (020), followed by an eight-digit subscriber number. There is no inner and outer London area code split (removed in 2000). London (020) numbers beginning with the digits 3, 7 and 8 may be used across the Greater London area, as will (020) 4 numbers.

Helping to reinforce this message will support the introduction of (020) 4 and reduce confusion about the London area code.

Existing London numbers

There is no change to (020) 3, 7 and 8 numbers. We ask that you consider any opportunities you may think necessary to make this clear to your customers.

Applying for (020) numbers In the meantime

Existing (020) numbers remain available for allocation via Ofcom’s online Number Management System (NMS).

You can apply directly for numbers, or place orders with Invosys when they become available through the usual channels for the usual volumes.