There’s no doubt that our world is digital. The way we communicate, shop, entertain and learn. But what about the extraordinary behind-the-scenes technology that makes it possible for us to be so connected? What about those building the infrastructure that our digital world relies on?

The telecommunications industry is booming. There are more opportunities than ever before, with fixed-voice services raking in £1.43 billion in 2022 — meaning there’s a constant evolution and a real chance to grow with the industry.

Since Invosys’ inception, we’ve significantly impacted the UK telco market. We’re a company with technology at its core that challenges the status quo by providing revolutionary, cutting-edge telephony solutions and always thinking differently. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that we’re better together. And for Invosys to be the best we can be, we need a first-class team…

We can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t work with Invosys — so here are a load of reasons why you should!

Culture and values

 At Invosys, we are #ONETEAM — we all pull together to achieve the overall aims of the business.

For us, it’s not about how many hours you do — or when or where you do them — that matters most. We trust that our team can get the job done. A culture of trust, accountability and autonomy empowers our team and supplies them with the tools to achieve their goals and objectives. Our standards are reflected in our working environment as we help you utilise everything we offer to reach your potential.

At Invosys, we like to go the extra mile to show that we value our team and their hard work. We pay competitive salaries and offer flexible holiday schemes, a personal development allowance and a staff referral policy that could reward you with up to £500.

We also firmly believe in appreciating our staff’s contributions — recognition is constant at Invosys. We have an allocated budget for all managers to award gift cards at any time, meaning rewards can be given as and when earned. Our annual awards night rewards individuals who have demonstrated our values over the year and celebrates all the efforts made by our incredible team.

Not forgetting Friday drinks and early finishes — because who doesn’t love an early start to their weekend?

Training and development

 The digital world is constantly changing, and so we are.

For the best possible customer service, we ensure our team is fully supported in their training and development process. It’s essential that staff are up to speed with our latest offerings and that there are plenty of opportunities to progress and grow within our company. Our uncapped training budget means you’ll never be thrown in at the deep end…

Our Invosys University portal offers an array of courses that any member of staff can access, no matter their current role, providing the chance to gain professional qualifications.

Regular review check-ins with our managers also keep staff on the right track, clarifying their objectives and any support that may be needed to reinforce their personal development plans.

Here at Invosys, we aim to give you the support you need to be an asset to any business — with an experience so great that you want to invest in ours. That’s why we place a massive emphasis on your training and physical and mental wellbeing.

With the chance to make anonymous constructive feedback, regular staff surveys give everyone a voice and the ability to create a dynamic workplace. We have nine fully trained mental health first aiders who are always available to offer support — and if you enjoy a five-a-side, our staff football team will keep you active and the team bonds strong!

 Your future is calling

We’re David taking on the established ‘Goliath’ telcos. We allow businesses to choose more straightforward and better services for communication, combining innovation with practicality to create famous cloud communication platforms and our call logic software.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Take a look at our market-leading Number Manager platform and our 24/7 telecoms support capabilities. We’re not bragging; we’re just that good…

Working in a telco has many benefits, from flexible hours to a competitive salary. But, if you want to work with a smart telco with a global reach and a personal feel, Invosys is waiting for your call (or, you know, your CV).

Ready to break the mould and take on a career in telco? Send your CV to James Kilby at or call 0161 444 3333 today.