Invosys has been impacted by the business disruption experienced by most organisations over the last 18 months. And like most other businesses, we’ve had to redeploy our entire workforce to remote locations as part of the government social distancing guidelines.

Despite being a provider of communication systems ourselves, Invosys noticed that the technology we were using to communicate internally fell short of the flexibility required to do so effectively. It took several days — if not weeks — to implement a system that operated as smoothly as when our employees were all based in the office.

Analysing industry trends and feedback from our 400+ strong channel partners, this was a common theme across most of the UK. In response, we immediately devised a strategy to resolve this issue for Invosys and our loyal customers.

Refining your systems

Over the last decade, businesses have been upgrading their telephony and communications platforms to adopt more modern and efficient technologies. These newer solutions are not only more cost-effective but also work to future-proof against the ever-changing global standards.

However, office-based employees have found that while their organisation was following the trend of using more cloud-based solutions to handle their communication needs, there was still a hefty reliance on being stationed in the office and present at their workstations for it to be successful.

Since the effects of the pandemic really began to take hold of businesses, it became clear that a cloud-based solution that only works effectively when employees are in the office was simply not viable. Such a practice was restrictive not only for employees but also for business continuity in the event of disaster.

Finding your niche

Invosys’ initial response to the newfound demands of COVID-19 was to investigate our options and introduce a solution that would improve work-from-home processes, making it straightforward for businesses to adapt to the change quickly.

Now, businesses and employees alike are requesting ‘all-in-one’ solutions to manage all their communication needs from a single supplier.

Microsoft has seen some success with its timely upgrade from Skype for Business to its Microsoft Teams product. The latter saw unprecedented uptake and usage with a boost in its daily active users from 44 million in March 2020 to 145 million just 12 months later. Today, Teams boasts an impressive 250 million monthly active users worldwide: 80 million of which are phone system users, echoing the usage demand that stretches far beyond the simple messaging and online document management functionalities it was used for initially.

Off the back of Invosys’ NUMBER MANAGER — our industry-renowned telephony platform — we rapidly implemented a new DIRECT ROUTING SOLUTION that integrated its powerful inbound call functionality with the features of Microsoft Teams. Invosys saw the opportunity to combine the unparalleled offering of both systems to give users an all-encompassing, flexible software to manage their communication needs seamlessly.

Our new MS Teams solution is invaluable for many organisations that have already incorporated the Microsoft 365 ecosystem into their daily operations but need more sophisticated telephony services.

However, Microsoft isn’t suitable for everyone. For example, the need for multiple licences could be deemed expensive and inflexible for companies with their own document management procedures in place.

So, what’s the other option?

Introducing Invosys Flow

In collaboration with Telavox, Sweden’s leading unified communications (UC) platform, Invosys is proud to announce that we’re adding a revolutionary UC solution to our portfolio this year: Invosys Flow.

For businesses that frequently scale up or down with remote and/or contract workers, Invosys Flow is a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution that brings together telephony, PBX, messaging, meetings and call-centre functionalities into one simple app.

Many on-premises or hosted solutions require weeks of expensive professional services to make changes that isolate PBX, CRM and collaboration systems from each other. However, Invosys Flow offers self-service control that allows users to quickly change the PBX setup and customer service environment according to operational and budgetary needs. Administrators can manage users, costs and security through a single portal rather than logging in to several separate systems. Callers are routed automatically to the right agent by leveraging the established functionality of our market-leading Number Manager platform.

What’s more, Invosys Flow allows colleagues to stay in touch through various browser, desktop and mobile applications.

We chose to collaborate with Telavox based on the company’s like-minded business culture, values and obsession with exceptional customer experience. Since 2002, Telavox has built its UC platform from top to bottom, with a fanatical focus on innovation and quality. Now, it dominates in much of Europe with over 250,000 end-users across nine countries worldwide.

This collaboration brings together two highly respected and reputable telecoms organisations to introduce the next pioneering UCaaS solution to the UK market, striving to keep our customers communicating effectively — no matter what challenges they may face.

Keep an eye out for the official launch of Invosys Flow later in 2021. In the meantime, GET IN TOUCH with our friendly, expert team today to learn more about how we can help.