Never underestimate the power of asking ‘what if?’. 

When unforeseen circumstances strike — from fires and flooding to cyber attacks or simple human error — a prolonged telecoms outage can leave organisations unable to function for days or weeks.  

Without having the right contingencies in place, telephony services can grind to a halt and leave businesses unable to operate safely and efficiently. After all, how can staff carry out their day-to-day tasks if phone lines are down or internet connections are lost? 

Ensuring business continuity during unplanned disruption is vital. That’s why every telecom system should have a disaster recovery plan, providing the fail-safes and processes that’ll maintain communications — no matter what happens… 

The importance of disaster recovery

Although we’re firmly in the digital age, most business communications still take place over the phone. So, a service-interrupting event could put the brakes on operations — leading to missed calls and reputational damage. 

A 2014 survey by BT Business found that missing a call costs businesses £1,200 per call on average. And as we grow more dependent on telephony with every passing year (especially in the wake of the pandemic), we expect this figure could be even higher almost 10 years later. Yikes.  

What’s more, many modern telecom systems integrate multiple communications functions, such as broadband connectivity and video conferencing, meaning a fault in one area could have a knock-on effect on the rest. As a result, it’s crucial to understand why a failure might occur — and what your customers should do in such an event to ensure business continuity and productivity. 

There are several reasons telecoms might go down — from a power outage impacting phone lines to a cyber breach shutting down server boards.  

Some issues are preventable by upgrading hardware or installing robust cyber security measures, but others (natural disasters, for example) can strike out of nowhere. So, it’s vital to be prepared for anything — and that’s where disaster recovery comes in. 

A disaster recovery plan puts guidelines in place to help businesses identify the type of disruptive event that’s occurred and then determine what to do and who to call to get the show back on the road.  

These systems are essential for all businesses, benchmarking systems and providing significant cost savings and peace of mind that teams can keep working if telecoms infrastructure is compromised. 

Sadly, not all telcos provide an integrated disaster recovery solution with their services. Fortunately for our customers, we know one that does… 

Introducing Number Manager for disaster recovery

For telco customers and resellers searching for an intuitive, easy-to-use disaster recovery provision, look no further than Invosys Number Manager. 

Number Manager is our industry-leading inbound call management platform that bundles high-tech features into one intuitive app. 

Not only does this platform simplify complex connectivity requests, streamline call costs and enhance caller experience, but it’s also the only solution your customers need for their disaster recovery requirements… 

With Number Manager, calls can be quickly and simply diverted to an alternative location at the click of a button should a problem arise. Whether your customers are in the office or out in the field, this feature ensures no calls go unanswered and no business is lost during unforeseen circumstances. 

Plus, Number Manager can be integrated into all your customers’ services, creating an efficient disaster recovery feature that can be easily enabled and disabled within the app and works seamlessly with other Invosys solutions.  

For example, Invosys Enterprise and our Direct Routing with MS Teams services both use Number Manager as their base, simplifying communications from all angles. 

And if your customers need any assistance using the platform, we’re here to help. All customers receive free training and guidance on using Number Manager and ongoing support to stay on top of their phone system. 

When you work with Invosys, your customers don’t have to wait for disaster to strike before realising they need an instant recovery solution. We deliver reliable call solutions and robust systems that help our clients through times of crisis — so they never have to worry about ‘what if’…  

Keen to share our services with your customers? Visit our Invosys Number Manager page to discover all it offers, or call us on 0161 444 3333 for more information.