We want our customers to understand how the Invosys cogs turn whilst getting to know the specialists behind the services. So, as part of our ‘day in the life’ series, we spoke to Dominic Campion: Invosys’ wholesale Business Development Director.

Dominic wears dozens of different hats — each one branded as one of our reseller customers. Dominic’s days are spent providing a world-class service to Invosys’ reseller base and, by default, their end-user customers. In essence, he’s an outsourced brain that many telecoms resellers rely on, not only for his knowledge around Invosys solutions but also his ability to act as an immaculate brand custodian, strengthening the resellers’ relationships with their own clients.

Find out what Dominic gets up to on a daily basis and how lucky our reseller customers are to benefit from his wisdom.

Keeping busy…

Tier 1 telecoms companies are Dominic’s bread and butter.

Fundamentally, Dominic provides smart telco solutions to the UK telecoms reseller base. Whether this looks like discussing Invosys’ new products or giving insights into how we’ve tweaked our existing solutions, Dominic is in regular contact with our resellers to keep them informed. Not only does he sell Invosys’ solutions to this clientele, but he also advises on how to market the products and assists with commercial pricing options to ensure his customers make a profit.

And when Dominic’s day isn’t full of servicing his existing customers, you can find him scouring LinkedIn for new accounts that’ll benefit from Invosys solutions. In fact, Dominic is something of a celebrity on LinkedIn with a few thousand industry connections under his belt.

Dominic also trains end-users on Invosys’ products on behalf of the resellers, acting as an agent of his own customers.

 The whole(sale) team

So, how does Dominic fit into the overarching Invosys’ sales team?

Every Monday morning, the entire sales team comes together to bounce ideas off each other or give information about any recent breakthroughs with a particular customer. They discuss what happened in the previous week, what’s coming up in the week ahead and any new products or services that should be spoken about.

Dominic and the team are constantly in training sessions on Invosys’ products, too, working very closely with the product development team and bringing ideas from resellers back to the product team. This way, Invosys has an ear on the ground of the telecoms industry and can feed back on what end-users are looking for. This channel allows us to listen to end-users and develop products that our resellers know they can sell.

On a personal level, Dominic is always keeping his eye on the market and works hard to keep up with what’s happening in the industry by reading publications such as Comms Dealer or Comms Business. This way, he can ensure he’s got his finger on the pulse with any industry trends so that Invosys is equipped to respond accordingly.

What’s ours is yours

Our white-label offering is at the heart of Invosys’ wholesale and reseller services. When a telco works with us, we disappear completely for their end-user customers. No matter which Invosys product or service a telco uses, we’ll rebrand it completely using our customer’s logo and colours.

For example, Number Manager is our top-selling white-labelled solution. When a reseller uses Number Manager, their customers can access a market-leading portal, all under the reseller’s brand. End-users don’t know that they’re using an Invosys product or dealing with an Invosys agent — we disappear completely.

One of the most frequently asked questions Dominic receives from a reseller customer is whether Invosys can provide any documentation or collateral on a specific solution, usually to supply to an end-user. Invosys has a whole marketing portal called ‘Go Evolve’ where we store all the data on our products and services. From the portal, we can send all kinds of documents to our resellers, branded with their logo, phone number and web address. So, our customers can provide the collateral to their end-users as if it’s their own documentation, keeping their marketing slick and professional.

And it’s not just our products that we white-label. As far as Dominic is concerned, he works for the reseller when he speaks with their end-users, running them through products and providing an exceptional service.

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