These days, consumers expect to connect with customer service agents however they want, whenever they want. And they want a reply within minutes — if not seconds…

Of course, every business wants a large (and growing) customer base. But when call lines become inundated, and 24/7 support services are stretched thin, that’s when you know your telecommunications company needs to start implementing advanced solutions to streamline the workflow.

So, how can telcos adapt to keep up with increasing demand?

The power of artificial intelligence and automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for performing tedious, manual tasks that bog down agents in the telco industry.

From scheduling to account checks and top-ups, these chatbots provide a way for customers to carry out a variety of service operations — without the need for a live agent.

Not every customer query needs human intervention. We saw that when the pandemic hit and made chatbot capabilities essential for diluting call volumes… and it doesn’t look like this trend’s going anywhere.

In fact, Tidio says 62% of consumers would prefer to use a customer service bot rather than wait for human agents to answer their requests.

But what does the use of automation and chatbots look like for telcos?

Reduced call times

As the first line of service, a chatbot is customers’ primary point of contact, helping them find the expert to resolve their problems.

With a set of basic questions, it can find out several crucial bits of information: whether the caller represents a corporate or individual account, if they’re a new or current customer what their account number is and what their inquiry concerns — with a detailed description of their problem…

Using chatbots to direct the caller to the appropriate handler frees up valuable time for the customer service agent — and boosts customer satisfaction. No one wants to hang around waiting to be transferred from agent to agent, do they?

Plus, chats can be saved and sent to the customer’s email, saving future time for the customer and agent.

A drive in sales

Generally, AI chatbots are built with a CRM (customer relationship management) system, which are sources of customer data.

Using cloud call centre software, businesses can link all their operations through an online network, which allows the chatbot to access account insights like the customer’s interests, previous purchases and buying behaviours.

With this handy information, chatbots can pitch and upsell the most relevant products and services to suit the customer’s needs.

Does the customer regularly exceed their data plan? Well, the chatbot can suggest a better plan — or even walk them through the process of upgrading their plan and recording it on the system.

Fully scalable operations

Why limit yourself to a few interactions when chatbots can engage with thousands (if not millions) of customers at a time?

Hosted call centre solutions use AI to scale operations, reach a larger demographic, and even effectively provide remote assistance in different countries and languages! And increasing your global presence never hurts if you want to see your revenue climb…

By integrating AI into your business operations, customers can count on you for round-the-clock reliability — without adding another person to the payroll.

We’ve had our finger on the pulse…

 For 15 years, Invosys has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to bring groundbreaking solutions to our customers and streamline their workflows with innovative automated features.

We have several products and services that utilise automation, allowing our customers to do more with less…

Invosys Number Manager

Number Manager is Invosys’ industry-leading inbound call management platform.

We’ve bundled an array of high-tech features that simplify complex connectivity requests — all from a simple-to-use web application. Who’d have thought advanced call routing could be so cost-effective (and so easy)?

Packed with functionality, Number Manager utilises automation technology to take all the work out of managing your customers’ services and provide callers with a streamlined experience from start to finish.

Does it get better? Obviously…

For a fully scalable operation, make real-time changes to any Number Manager service from multiple devices. Plus, reports can be generated instantly or scheduled to keep your customers in the loop at all times — so your agents don’t have to.

Invosys Call Shield

Built into Number Manager, Invosys Call Shield can be switched on and personalised at the click of a button, allowing customers to benefit from immediate fraud detection.

With AI and machine learning generating algorithms that grow smarter by the second, our Call Shield solution can analyse multiple data points simultaneously to pick up on and safeguard you from phone calls that could be fraudulent.

Cool, right?

Invosys Agent Ready

Looking to achieve a successful remote workforce?

Agent Ready is intuitive, easy to use and simple to set up. Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app is Invosys’ answer to streamlining remote workforces with a high volume of inbound calls across multiple numbers.

We know every business wants to manage its inbound calls differently. So, Agent Ready offers the flexibility to customise how calls are routed through advanced automated call distribution. Plus, workers can either log in manually, receive login access via an administrator or work on an automatic schedule.

Are you ready to revolutionise the way you work through automation? Discover how Invosys’ industry-leading solutions can maximise your productivity and minimise your workload. For more information, get in touch with our team at today.