If there’s any product that’s allowed Invosys to make a name for itself, it’s our one-of-a-kind Number Manager solution.  

Number Manager is the ultimate call management platform for any organisation with high call volumes looking to refine its processes and offer the best caller experience possible. Accessible via a user-friendly portal, Number Manager provides access to a full suite of sophisticated telephony solutions with dozens of different functionalities.  

 This platform makes call routing easy and cost-effective, with everything you could want to control at your fingertips through an intuitive and easy-to-use app that’s available across all devices — from Android to iOS, as well as any PC or tablet.  

 And did you know Number Manager works seamlessly with various other Invosys solutions? Among others, Invosys Enterprise and our Direct Routing with MS Teams services both use Number Manager as their base, simplifying communications from all angles 


Advanced call-routing technology  

We’re pioneering call handling with this progressive and innovative online solution. 

Our industry-leading platform is packed with features such as multi-device operation, secure call recording, instant disaster recovery, voicemail customisation, and various automated call-queuing options. Number Manager gives your customers control over every inbound and outbound call for an enhanced user experience and a streamlined service from start to finish.  

What’s more, Number Manager is totally scalable to each user’s needs, whether the system is required at a single site or across multiple. We also offer real-time reporting, international calling and ongoing support from the Invosys experts for any businesses using Number Manager.  

With Number Manager, your customers will never have to worry about missing another call again. They’ll have total visibility over every call that comes in with the ability to route it to the right place each time, ensuring their customers receive only the best service.  

While Number Manager has dozens of leading features and functionalities, there are a handful that we’re particularly proud of.  

Number Manager rollback  

Tried something new on the platform that’s not quite worked out and want to take things back to the way they were? The ‘rollback’ feature of Number Manager allows users to revert to a previous iteration of a service configuration at the click of a button. So, whether your customers just need to switch back to yesterday’s service operation or invoke a disaster recovery service, it’s quick and simple to change everything back.  

All users with permission to create and edit services can compare the current and historical service settings. There’s even the option to make further modifications to the service before fully committing the changes. 

Area-based routing 

Area-based routing lets businesses route calls based on the call’s location. But why is this useful? For businesses with several branches, offices or sites spanning across a single country or internationally, it ensures callers are connected to their local branch, hassle-free. It also gives customers a localised experience, helps avoid unwanted callers and routes calls beyond location: users can upload the entire command-line interface directly into the platform, allowing call routing against an allowlist or blocklist.   

Call recording  

Many businesses need to record calls for legal or training purposes — and Number Manager allows you to do so at the click of a button. This is a cost-effective way to record calls as it doesn’t require any expensive on-site hardware installation, not to mention our painless pricing model that ensures you pay exactly what you expect with no nasty surprises. Users also have total flexibility to enable or disable call recording manually. Additionally, all recordings are stored securely either on the Number Manager server for up to seven years or at an address of your choice.  


Our name or yours  

Whether you’re after Invosys’ Number Manager to use as part of your own business’ call systems or are looking to sell it on to your customers, we’re here to help. You can implement Number Manager to simplify your organisation’s call management or take advantage of its white-labelled feature and put your business’ stamp on it for your customers.  

Want to see what all the fuss is about? If you’re interested in joining the thousands of Number Manager users, you can request a free demo or get in touch with us at sales@invosys.com