At Invosys, we know that as the demand for connected devices grows, managing them is becoming increasingly important — but it can be a complex and time-consuming task… 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Invosys has chosen Axiros as our preferred TR-069 device management partner! 

Axiros is a leader in internet of things (IoT) device management and zero-touch customer experience solutions, having provided software solutions and platforms for device management in telecommunications and other industries for over 20 years.  

Through our partnership, the Invosys team has gained a dazzling new cloud-based device management solution. Connected CPEs are now controlled on the Axiros AXESS platform, allowing and supporting the customer premises equipment (CPE) management of our multiple vendor offerings in the UK telco and internet service provider (ISP) market. 

So, what does this enhanced capability mean for our customers? 

Onwards and upwards for our telco offering 

Working with a TR-069 device management partner like Axiros enables us to ensure the remote and safe configuration of CPE network devices. 

With Axiros’ established infrastructure, we’ve had the opportunity to develop user-friendly, advanced communication services that give ISPs greater control over their devices. These capabilities will allow our partners to remotely monitor, configure and update their connected devices in real time — simplifying the device management process overall. 

By working together, Invosys and Axiros have created a transformative, API-driven solution that’s easy for our ISP partners to use. Axiros’ team has been fantastic to work with and technically available whenever needed — providing a suite of APIs that allowed us to develop Invosys’ powerful Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) platform 

Mark Torrans, the EMEA sales director at Axiros, said: ‘We’re proud to be the vendor of choice for Invosys on the CPE and service management platform’. 

He added: ‘It’s an exciting partnership for Axiros. From day one, Invosys required an API-driven solution to their existing structure — a challenge we embraced alongside our cloud partner BMCOM’. 

We can confirm that all the hard work was worth it! 

Invosys is thrilled to have Axiros on board and looks forward to working together more in the future. 

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