If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working exclusively from the office is outdated.

In fact, the idea that home is the only other place you should work outside the office is also getting a bit old.

In a world of modern technology and a more flexible approach to business, people can work from anywhere in the world — and employees expect to do so. Many workers now expect more from their employers, with research suggesting that salary is no longer the driving factor in employees’ considerations of joining and staying with a company.

An updated approach

Recently, Ocado Group offered its staff the opportunity to work abroad for one month each year. This commitment from such an established firm demonstrates how companies are increasingly prepared to introduce a ‘work from anywhere’ policy. Flexible working is undoubtedly here to stay — something we’d never have dreamed of back in the pre-COVID era of 2019.

ACCORDING TO A HANDFUL OF RECENT GALLUP SURVEYS, 81% of the US workforce never wants to return to any more than three days a week in the office, with flexibility in work location topping the list at the most in-demand employee benefit.

However, as 51% of employees don’t have an appropriate space to work from home, the quiet seclusion of a villa in France or a café in Croatia could be the solution…

Take your business anywhere

Most employers have had to implement some kind of remote working scheme over the past 18 months as government social distancing regulations prevented much of the nation’s workforce from coming into the office. For some, this was the first time they’d given their staff the freedom to work from home, meaning there was much uncertainty around productivity levels and whether their technology would be able to cope.

The world of remote work has changed drastically in the last year, with platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams skyrocketing in users overnight. In turn, these pieces of software adapted to the sharp uptake and can now support an eye-wateringly high volume of users. Employers have also realised that employee productivity actually increases when a more flexible approach to working is adopted.

Offering a better work-life balance is imperative to keeping your employees’ motivation and energy levels high. After all, happy staff are productive staff.

What’s more, businesses have been able to reduce the costs of having everyone in the office all the time. It’s a win-win situation.

Invosys can help you give your staff the option of hybrid working — or working from anywhere in the world by removing any barriers, stress and costs.

A new era of communication

Our MS TEAMS DIRECT ROUTING SOLUTION is the answer to your prayers. Forget conventional telephony frameworks that require your employees to be in the office to answer the phone. This brand-new product routes calls to and from Microsoft Teams, giving you complete control over all calls from one centralised platform.

By implementing software such as Invosys’ MS Teams solution, you can confidently introduce ‘work from anywhere’ policies into your business model with no concerns that they’ll affect your business adversely.

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