2021 has been a year of change. Organisations worldwide have refocused many areas of their business thanks to the ongoing impact of the pandemic on customer requirements and buying patterns.

The pace of the drive towards using cloud-based services like unified communications, coupled with the enormous shift towards hybrid working that demands improved data connectivity, has pushed businesses to undergo significant reform.

But despite this year’s challenges, we’ve got plenty of good news to report.

Overhauling customer experience

During 2021, Invosys has focused on its people, processes and tools. Thanks to our hard work, we’re entering the new year feeling fitter and better equipped to continue delivering exceptional customer support — no matter the circumstances.

Of course, we haven’t been immune to the industry challenges. But with a senior leadership project kicking off early in 2021, we were prepared for everything 2021 could throw at us.

Internally known as ‘Project Orbit’, our customer services and managed services functions were overhauled radically at the start of the year to ensure we were ready to deliver a world-class customer experience. Under the stewardship of CCO Jane Anderson, Invosys established two new customer-centric teams.

The Customer Support Centre now deals with most of the day-to-day customer-related queries, while the new Technical Support Centre handles more complex requests and offers managed service support. Since we set up the new teams, we’ve seen a marked increase in customer satisfaction and an all-around improved experience for our valued customers.

Strengthening our product portfolio

Ensuring our product offering is up to date with the current trends and market requirements has always been integral to our success.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve evolved our portfolio from a legacy, ‘inbound’ platform to a highly flexible communications product range that moulds to our customers’ specific wants and needs.

For example, we’ve introduced new solutions into our unified communications portfolio, within our connectivity offering and in the management of router configuration servers. Each new addition has been received with gumption by our customers. And the new solutions don’t stop there, with our brand-new fraud protection service due to launch in early 2022.

What’s more, we want our customers to trust the Invosys platform for its products and services. CTO Stuart Mills and his team have worked tirelessly to innovate new features and solutions on the Invosys platform, ensuring we’ve delivered 100% on-time across 2021. This achievement has given our customers greater confidence in our products and has motivated us further to provide only the best reliability.

Revamping our website

The whole Invosys team worked diligently behind the scenes on something big…

We’re thrilled to be launching our new website at the start of 2022. This project has been months in the making and will see a brand-new logo, updated design, refreshed copy and slick new navigation across the website. We’re still the same Invosys you know and love, just with an improved online shopfront that’ll enhance our customers’ experience and user journey.

Rewarding our staff

It wouldn’t be an Invosys end-of-year round-up without the Invosys Annual Business Awards!

This internal event sees awards given each year to recognise the valuable contributions of our employees who’ve excelled within the fundamental ‘Magnificent Seven’ Invosys core values that define our business from top to bottom.

Winners within each category have displayed exceptional customer service, challenged conventions or gone beyond what’s required of them.

Going the Extra Mile 

 This award is for employees that really listen to their clients, set customer expectations — and consistently exceed them.

Winner: Anthony Moorby

Runner Up: Alex Hunt

Shape Your Own Destiny 

 This award is for our staff who show ambition and let us help achieve their goals.

Winner: Conor Gabriel

Runner Up: Ella Dunn

Respect Your Colleagues & Customers 

 We think it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice. This award is for always showing respect for our colleagues and our customers.

Winner: Ben Houlker

Runner Up: James Kilby

Break the Rules 

 We don’t want our employees to be afraid to try new methods. Invosys encourages professional rule-breakers. If they feel it’s the right thing to do, they shouldn’t need permission.

Winner: Darren Singleton

Runner Up: Phil Grisedale

Stay Curious 

 This award is for staff who recognise that nobody knows everything and are keen to learn from the people around them.

Winner: Le-anne Royle

Runner Up: Joe Crispin

Be Genuine 

 We’ll always reward employees that are genuine to themselves.

Winner: Nathan Hall

Runner Up: Montserrat Areal

Show Pride 

 We value our staff that take pride in everything they do, which to us means doing the right thing even nobody’s watching.

Winner: Stephen Taylor

Runner Up: Alex Officer

We also took the opportunity to celebrate our ‘Salesperson of the Year’ and our overall ‘Star Performance’ across Invosys.

Our ‘Salesperson of the Year’ is the individual that not only achieves their target goals and is a top performer but also routinely demonstrates the correct behaviours identified within the ‘Magnificent Seven’.

Winner: Dominic Campion

Runner Up: Rob Saunders

Invosys’ ‘Star Performance’ award goes to the individual that truly reflects and shows all the attributes of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and is a universal recognition of a star within the organisation.

Winner: David Brocklehurst

Many thanks to our hardworking staff, customers and partners for making 2021 as successful as it was — we’re very much looking forward to what 2022 will bring. If you’d like to work with Invosys, email us at sales@invosys.com or give the team a call at +44 (0)161 444 3333.