From unlimited scalability and increased flexibility to improved security and savvy multi-channel integration, cloud communication has the potential for innovation and new capabilities — especially for businesses that rely on telecommunications to conduct their business.

However, not every company is ready for a complete migration to the cloud, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not suit every business’ communication needs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose a hybrid mixture of cloud solutions that offers the benefits of both public and private clouds — using cloud services where it works best for you whilst keeping certain operations within your on-premises network infrastructure?

We’re one step ahead of you. Let us introduce Avaya IP Office…

Welcome to the ultimate hybrid cloud solution

In partnership with Avaya, Invosys has strengthened Avaya IP Office — revolutionising unified communications within the SME market with Avaya IP Office subscriptions that aim to bridge the gap for businesses using outdated systems and allow them to migrate to future-proof platforms.

Sound familiar?

With this boundary-pushing, transformative solution, you’ll benefit from a highly reliable and easy-to-use unified communications platform that combines voice, messaging, video and conference capabilities into a single phone system — whilst allowing your team to make and receive calls from their desk phones, softphones, mobile devices or even web browsers from anywhere (anytime). Plus, with support for MS Teams, this solution really does cover all angles!

We know the business landscape can be unpredictable, with demands changing constantly. That’s why we’ve designed our hybrid cloud solution to allow you to move at your own pace, with various options available to meet your business needs. Want to pay monthly for three years? No problem. You can even try it for 12 months and see how you get on!

If your business currently uses older systems, calls will be routed over an old ISDN line (remember — the 2025 switch-off is looming) or another SIP trunk provider, which will come at a monthly cost. Opting for Avaya IP Office means you can wave goodbye to that extra fee — and hello to more bang for your buck.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Wait until you find out Avaya IP Office benefits from Invosys’ portfolio of industry-leading platforms and solutions…

Meet Invosys’ integrated services

We’ve leveraged our expertise with Avaya IP Office subscription to offer wrap-around services that innovate your journey to the cloud…

Invosys Number Manager

When you choose Avaya IP Office for your communication needs, all calls will be routed through our industry-leading Invosys Number Manager platform, meaning calls are seamlessly delivered to your Avaya IP Office.

Plus, you can eliminate the complications of switching between applications and technologies to make the most of the platform — because we’ll adopt whatever your office capabilities are.

Invosys Call Shield

The intuitive plug-and-play Number Manager app can also be integrated with many other Invosys products — such as our intelligent Invosys Call Shield solution.

Call Shield works to combat suspected caller fraud, identifying fraudulent or spam calls based on their location, call source, number presentation and the volume of concurrent calls.

If a call is detected as suspicious, we can route the call to an agent, flag it or drop it — working with you to define a workflow around handling fraudulent calls and ensuring you have proper processes in place to keep business operations running smoothly, safely and scam-free all year round.

Managed 24/7 support

Technical issues often happen when you least expect them, and they rarely fall solely inside the standard ‘9 to 5’.

Whether it’s a bank holiday, the middle of the night or during your out-of-hours, our team is here to support your Avaya IP Office integration as little or as much as you wish.

We’ll incorporate our technical support team as an extension of your business, using appropriate greetings so callers never know they’re talking to an outsourced organisation.

Reach new heights with Avaya IP Office

We know that every customer is different, which means every journey to the cloud is unique. That’s why Avaya IP Office has been created as a best-of-both-worlds solution — revolutionising the cloud migration process without disrupting business…

As this Invosys and Avaya collaboration seamlessly integrates with older handsets, there’s no need for our customers to reinvest in expensive hardware. And since we’re not bidding farewell to the traditional IP Office features existing customers know and love, businesses won’t need to retrain their staff to reap the rewards of this telco solution upgrade.

With Avaya IP Office, we’ve given you the tools your business needs to redefine its journey to the cloud, set itself apart from competitors and benefit from telco solutions that can help you deliver exceptional service to your customers.

The question is: are you ready to get ahead of the curve with Avaya IP Office?

Request a demo to see how we can transform communications for your business with our hybrid cloud Avaya IP Office subscriptions.