Been playing the field when it comes to outsourcing your services?

It’s not unusual for companies to outsource to multiple service providers: with this approach, each area — including disaster recovery, desktop management, help desk and application development — may be managed by a different service provider.

This model can offer great flexibility and more manageable contracts, making it easier to replace or upgrade suppliers as the market changes. But it also throws up some challenges…

Outsourcing to multiple providers doesn’t lend itself well to forging long-term strategic relationships. Plus, the lower your supplier’s stake is in your business, the less responsive they may be in times of emergency. As well as the overheads involved in contract negotiation, management and process execution, sharing data with multiple providers can also up the risk of security and information breaches —  the last thing you want.

One of the trickiest aspects is the lack of end-to-end responsibility — what happens when you’ve outsourced your services to multiple suppliers and a minor issue creates a backlog?

Recently, one of our customers experienced an issue with their network: although we maintain their telephone system, another organisation maintains their telephone lines. When the customer realised their outgoing calls were failing, they didn’t know who to turn to. After we ran tests and found nothing wrong, we recommended they speak to their telephone lines provider, who directed them back to us — in the meantime, the business was losing out on time, money and trade.

When an infrastructure relies on multiple providers, who is accountable when something goes wrong?

Luckily for our customer, we understood the escalation points in the network and could offer professional advice to help them communicate these issues and get the problem resolved quickly.

So, here’s why we think you should put all your eggs in our basket…

Less is more

When you outsource your telecoms requirements to Invosys, you can focus on the aspects of your business that need strengthening whilst we do the rest. Our full range of managed telco services are available to you — allowing complete cohesion of all the systems you’re using to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

Communication is key

Inundated with calls and queries? We’ll act as your round-the-clock customer support line, providing your customers with an exceptional user experience. Our support service is active all day, every day, 365 days a year. Plus, our services are always white-labelled as your own — we answer calls and emails in your tone of voice, so customers will never know it’s an Invosys agent on the other side. And what’s better than extending working hours without adding a single person to your payroll?

Reliable support

Our team offers comprehensive installation and maintenance services for your customers’ equipment, with on-site engineers providing first-class services that meet any and all requirements. With our professional consultancy support and years of telecoms experience, our quick response to alerts and faults means you’ll never lose out on time or business. When your business can approach one point of contact for all services and maintenance, your operations can become more efficient and cost-effective.

Choosing Invosys as your single telco managed services provider will have incredible benefits for your business — with almost 16 years’ experience providing first-class customer support services, we believe in our market-leading solutions. Our telecoms infrastructure is unrivalled, backed by the multitude of large telco partners we work with.

Ready to experience the benefits of a single supplier? Our teams are available around the clock to assist you with any questions you may have. Get in touch today!