Invosys has a suite of products and services that we’re proud to offer our customers, as we designed them to be both user-friendly and visually appealing.

So, it’s easy to forget that their seamless functionalities and sleek design don’t just ‘happen’. Someone has worked hard to ensure our products look as good as they do and has spent time refining their appearance to make them as easy to use as possible.

The minds behind the magic

One of the brains behind Invosys’ products is Elliott Holmes: a front-end developer who works across Invosys’ software.

Whilst a developer’s job isn’t necessarily the most thrilling, Invosys would be nothing without the people that develop our pieces of software. Day to day, Elliott spends his time writing the code that translates into how Invosys’ products appear to its users. As part of the front-end team, Elliott is less involved in coding the bare bones of the product and how they function but instead turns it into a product that’s enjoyable to use.

The front-end developers tend to act as second or third-line support for Invosys’ customers, as any urgent issues that need resolving often require adjustments to the back-end of the code. However, if users are faced with an error message or something doesn’t function as it should, Elliott and his team will work to rectify this. And although each developer is a specialist in their area of coding, everyone has a broad understanding of how everything works — meaning there’s always someone available to keep the cogs turning.

Why is user interface so important?

User interface (UI) is a bit of a buzzword in today’s hyper-digital world. It refers to the interaction between a person and a machine, and UI design is simply the process of making the visual and logistical elements of this interaction enjoyable.

Taking the time to curate a good UI means prioritising your customers’ experience with your product. Our front-end development team ensures our applications are easy to use and never leave our customers feeling frustrated.

To name a few, Number Manager, Invosys Flow, Invosys ACS and Call Shield are all intricate systems that simplify complex communications requirements. Their primary function is to make users’ lives easier, giving them more control over their phone systems and routers to facilitate business communications. So, it’s imperative that each of these products doesn’t feel tiring and gives users the best experience from start to finish.

Elliott and his team have worked to ensure consistency across Invosys’ solutions, curating platforms that are navigable, simple and secure.

Investing in our people

Like many of Invosys’ teams, the developers also have a daily ‘stand-up’ where they come together to share ideas, discuss challenges they’ve overcome and, importantly, catch up with each other. Remote working has been a godsend in many ways, boosting productivity and giving employees a better work-life balance. However, we can all agree that we miss the mindless ‘kitchen chat’ when we’d casually touch base with our colleagues to catch up on what we got up to the previous evening, whether we’re keeping up with the football or if we have any holidays planned.

Software developers are in incredibly high demand at the moment. So, for many, it’s not about facing whether they can work, but rather choosing where they want to work. For Elliott, his team make his job genuinely interesting and exciting when it could easily be any old development role.

At Invosys, we are passionate about our people. We recognise that navigating the world of work has taken on an entirely new form over the last two years, and we’re all re-learning what it means to work in a team. Which is why it’s more important than ever that we safeguard each of our employees and foster the Invosys ‘family’ culture that keeps everyone smiling.

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