When you begin managing dozens of routers for a range of customers, staying on top of each router’s performance can become a daunting and complex task. And if the numbers continue to climb, it’s impossible to keep an eye on every single one — let alone act in time to ensure all your clients’ servers are running correctly.

The solution?

Invosys’ Auto Configuration Server.


Invosys’ Auto Configuration Server (ACS) is a router management platform that allows wholesale communications partners to monitor and control their entire router estate from a centralised location, all at your fingertips. This product gives you complete remote control of each router and provides a clear and user-friendly overview of every server and its status.

Invosys’ ACS offers live information that you’re able to manage in real-time. If any settings need changing, you can edit them at the click of a button. We’ve ensured our ACS solution uses the TR-069 protocol, too. In essence, this follows regulations to allow you to perform remote actions in response to any issues detected.


Our ACS platform communicates with routers in real-time. As such, it’s easy to identify whether a router is online or offline and whether any settings needs adjusting. When it comes to troubleshooting, this feature is invaluable as it allows you to pinpoint a customer’s fault and rule out whether it’s an internal or external issue. No need for guesswork — just efficient solutions to your customers’ problems.

What’s more, our remote support team can still access routers that have been disabled. Usually, you’d be unable to make changes or diagnose an issue with a disabled router. However, if it’s connected to the ACS platform, we can still obtain information and make changes to the router.

It really is that simple. At the touch of a button, you can access all kinds of router data, such as the router’s uptime and the uptime of an internet session. You can also check the sync rates against the maximum sync rates available, view any CRC or HEC errors on a server and view the assigned WAN IP address of the router. If necessary, customer routers can be rebooted or reset remotely via Invosys ACS, too.

Of course, having such heightened control over your router estate gives you peace of mind. However, choosing an ACS to manage your routers is a simple and effective way to improve your client satisfaction boost your reputation as a reliable telecommunications partner.


Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of cases when a user calls our remote support team after experiencing issues with their wireless performance or connectivity. Time and time again, our team resolves the problem in a matter of minutes, thanks to our ACS platform.

For example, we’re able to update the wireless details, change the wireless channels and enable or disable the router’s band steering — all done remotely and without the need to visit our customers’ sites.

Additionally, we’ve had instances of users reporting no connectivity and advising that they’ve recently restarted their router. However, we can see via the ACS that the device is showing up as being online with a period of uptime. Using the ACS, we’ve triggered a remote reboot, which tends to resolve the issue.

Not only does our ACS help with dealing with support calls efficiently, but it also facilitates the seamless management of router estates. For example, we’ve recently helped a customer upgrade its firmware across the entire router estate that comprised multiple routers of varying models and from different manufacturers. The upgrade was successful as the ACS enabled us to automate an upgrade task to run daily against each router model. Within specified hours, the ACS communicated with each device and triggered the transfer of the firmware file, meaning we upgraded over 5,000 devices in one night alone.

Invosys’ Managed Services means we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with any of your communications requirements. If you’d like a demo on Invosys’ ACS or need assistance with a query, our friendly team is on-hand to assist. GET IN TOUCH today!