Every telco reseller out there knows the importance of connection.

After all, your job is to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions that make staying connected easier than ever before.

And to keep ahead of the curve, bringing products and tools that keep businesses unified and cost-efficient, it’s essential to put yourself out there and drum up strong relationships with like-minded professionals…

Do you see where we’re going with this?

What’s the deal with networking events?

These days, handshakes and introductions have been swapped for ‘connections’ and ‘likes’, and in-person conferences have been traded in for live streams and webinars.

Make no mistake: LinkedIn (and other networking channels like it) is undoubtedly a great platform to share updates, bounce ideas around and hold thought-led discussions between telco resellers and their customers. But commanding an online presence is time-consuming — and even after streams of comments and messages, it can be hard to build meaningful relationships online.

Does all this sound familiar? Have you found yourself retreating from face-to-face networking in favour of digital forums? Well, we’re here to remind you of the many benefits and how you can use networking events to your advantage…

Build your business contacts

As many of you know, networking is one of the most effective ways to get in front of new business opportunities.

Surrounded by like-minded people, you can learn so much about their careers, businesses and contacts — making you aware of potential doors and how you could get your foot in them.

Sharpen the saw

How can you bring these new solutions to your customers in a way they’ve never seen before? What do your clients need from you that they won’t find anywhere else? Sometimes, the best way to break out of a professional rut is to step away from the desk and sharpen your skills.

We all know telco is a fast-paced, ultra-competitive market. So, don’t waste time hacking away at the tree with a dull axe whilst your competition is cutting it down in half the time with a sharp one. Does the woodcutter reference work for you? We like it…

Where do I start?

Whilst there are those among us who are born networkers, it’s not easy for everyone. But with these tips and tricks, you’ll have lots of networking events under your belt.

Aim to inform, not just sell

It may sound counterintuitive because the goal is to generate leads, right? But actually, lead generation can sometimes come secondary to finding contacts and building relationships at telco networking events.

Of course, you’ll want to pitch your solutions and products to invite interest in your services. But instead of going straight in for the hard sell, why not think outside the box and encourage attendees to think differently about their needs?

When shouting about Invosys’ services, you may be tempted to dive headfirst into our best-selling Number Manager solution (we mean, who wouldn’t?). But if you’re chatting with a small to medium-sized business owner who’s wary of transitioning to the cloud, why not tell them about Avaya IP Office and the benefits of its hybrid mixture of cloud solutions?

Once you’ve reeled them in, you can let them know about Invosys products like Number Manager and Invosys Call Shield that enhance the solutions to their problems. Genius, right?

Demonstrate your expertise

Relationships exist between people, not corporations. So, connect with attendees more personally to demonstrate you have something valuable to offer — through tips, insights or recommendations.

One small conversation with a stranger can create a lead for your business or interest someone new in your services. So, make time to chat with as many people as possible (and hand out those business cards).

Follow up with customers

 t’s always a great idea to email your new contacts to thank them for their time and follow up with solutions that’ll benefit them.

Adding that personal touch keeps communications and relationships strong. After all, you want to keep your name and services at the forefront of their minds whenever they need savvy telco solutions…

Become a familiar face

How many telco events are too many? We’re not sure it exists! Regularly attending these networking events is the best way to build confidence, enhance your skills and expand your network.

Not sure which events to head to first?


Why not join the UK’s connectivity leaders from across the public and private sectors at Connected Britain 2024 and listen to over 300 different speakers? Later in the year, discover the latest communications and collaborative technology at UCX Europe 2024! Looking for a smaller B2B event to put your networking skills to the test? B2B Expos is the perfect opportunity to make connections with other professionals.


Trust us: once you’ve attended an event overflowing with helpful knowledge and informative industry peers, you’ll be the first to volunteer for the next one. Consider yourself warned…


Though there’s no perfect formula for boosting your business, getting in front of prospective customers at networking events can go a long way. To find out how we can help you advance your telco sales, get in touch with our friendly team today!