Telecommunications consumers are more empowered than ever — expecting to engage with providers over multiple channels and digital platforms. They’re also more informed than before (and happy to broadcast bad experiences over social media).

So, with competition ramping up and new financial pressures to contend with, telco resellers need to build strong relationships with customers and market their services effectively.

Wondering how you can use the powers of marketing to boost telco sales in 2023 and beyond? Say no more…

Find your demographic

Identifying your target audience as a telco reseller can help define your core customers and craft your marketing strategies around them.

Rather than spending money and resources trying to cater to every customer, defining a target audience allows for a more intentional outreach to those most likely to sign up for your products or services.

The best way to find your demographic is to figure out the specific needs your product or service fulfils. The more specific you are with your target audience, the more effectively you can advertise to them.

As a telco reseller, your ideal customer likely seeks reliable communications platforms that are easy to use. But it’s also essential to understand the background of their company, their industry and the current pain points in their communications services so you’re ready with solutions that can meet their needs.

Deep dive into your contact database and the leads you’re interacting with most and ask customers and prospects what they like about your offerings. This will help you understand the customer’s buying journey — what they need and why they choose to use particular services.

Create trust as a reseller

From sharing testimonials to advertising businesses you’ve partnered with, displaying positive customer relationships on your website means everyone can access your credentials and place trust in your services.

Next, it’s time to get in touch…

Account-based selling (ABS) is a strategy telco resellers should focus on to win business from specific high-value accounts.

The ABS model aims to generate more revenue from fewer accounts by handpicking prospects and better aligning the sales process with your potential customer’s needs and buying behaviours. It’s about quality over quantity; find 20 loyal partners to help you build your portfolio.

Having contacts with as many people in the account as possible — from sales to contact centres — will also help to create a more reliable client base.

Once you know your target audience and accounts, you can create personalised sales strategies for each one…

Reel them in

Now you know which accounts you need to form relationships with, make sure you’re sending them the right messages through the proper channels…

Connect on social media

LinkedIn is like a virtual conference room full of professionals and a telco reseller’s best bet for connecting with business prospects.

The B2B platform allows you to get involved in topical industry discussions by leaving thought-provoking comments and engaging in conversations with others in your sector (and potential customers, too).

Facebook is also a good place to market your products and services. Creating a Facebook group allows you to showcase your expertise, drive engagement and build trust amongst potential customers.

Feature in their inbox

For regular, targeted content, email marketing can get you in front of specific accounts with personalised offerings and provides the perfect opportunity for value-based selling…

Value-based selling involves truly understanding how a customer tries to work and offering them solutions that’ll drive value for their business.

Are they trying to improve their customer experience? Do they want to reduce their costs and increase their productivity?

Providing a solution means you’re selling value that can be reinvested in businesses to help them grow. To direct your prospects to those solutions, your emails must include a call-to-action button or link showing them exactly where to go for more information.

Put a face to the name

Looking to make those connections face-to-face? It always helps to get to know your customers and their working patterns.

Are they in the office Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays? That means those days are your prime opportunity to set up a meeting and sell your products and services in person.

Organising events (or participating in them) can also increase your market presence and allows you to showcase your offering. Then, you can direct potential customers to your active social media accounts and dazzling website or sign them up for your mailing list!

Having competition is simply a fact of the modern, connected world. What sets successful resellers apart in the current telco market is their ability to meet the client at their needs and walk them through the whole sales process.

By combining the right sales strategies with effective marketing, you can stand out in the large (and often impersonal) market by offering a customised presentation and revolutionising your work.

Though there’s no perfect formula for growing your business, these tips and tricks have helped Invosys become the progressive telco we are today. To find out how we can help you boost your telco sales, get in touch with our friendly team today!