This is Invosys, and we do things differently here. We value each one of our employees for what they bring to the party. We’re all about enhancing their experience, as your people truly can be your greatest asset.

Our CEO, Rob Booth, believes that people are the foundations of your business. If you want your company to succeed, it needs to come from your employees.

It’s a bit like an ecosystem. If your staff have been looked after properly and given the respect they deserve, they’re likely to be happier and healthier, as well as more engaged and motivated. Your staff aren’t just employees — they’re people that your business invests in.


Invosys’ motto for 2022 is #OneTeam, and we’re adopting a more holistic approach to support our company’s purpose.

While we offer all our benefits to everyone, we also recognise that looking after your staff can never be tackled from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which is why our choice of benefits is so varied.

But why is employee wellbeing so important?

The two primary pillars of offering an exceptional customer experience are good communication and employee experience. Essentially, it’s simply impossible for us to give the best customer service unless our employees feel invested in Invosys and part of one united team.

We do things differently

So, how are we investing in our employees here at Invosys?


We partner with a financial advisor to offer sessions to our employees that help them understand and manage their finances. No matter what stage in life you’re at, we know that everyone could use a little guidance when it comes to money.


Our health insurance provider takes a proactive approach, offering an array of incentives to encourage our employees to lead healthy lives with healthy habits.


We offer a £400 grant to all our employees each year to contribute to developing a skill — whether it’s related to their job role at Invosys or not. Many of our employees choose to subsidise their driving lessons, learn a new language or pick up something less conventional such as circus skills or pole dancing.


Now more than ever, it’s crucial that people aren’t just aware of mental health but can also see the signs of when any member of our team is struggling so that they can help. Which is why over 15% of our workforce is now trained as an official mental health first aider.


During the first UK lockdown in March 2020, we offered an Amazon incentive to all our staff. This came in the form of an Amazon Tablet, Firestick or Smart Speaker along with subscriptions to Amazon Prime (including Prime Video), Amazon Music and Audible. We were incredibly keen to help alleviate lockdown boredom and allow our staff to relax, and the initiative was an enormous success.

All our staff benefits are underpinned by Invosys’ communications and discounts portal, Red Alert. This platform is a one-stop shop for all employee needs and requirements.

Each department publishes a weekly blog to keep the other teams up to date, with some of the most popular blogs including the ‘Motivation Monday’ and ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ pieces. These blogs cover all kinds of wellbeing topics, such as recipes to try at home, mindfulness exercises, workout inspiration and articles around financial wellbeing.


We love to celebrate our successes together. Like many other companies, we had to get creative over Christmas to bring everyone together and put on something that our staff would remember and appreciate. So, we hosted a TV-style awards evening titled ‘Invosys Rocks’. Presented by the senior leadership team, everyone was sent a food package with various other goodies for the night and were wowed by a magician, a quiz, a live DJ set and some fantastic prizes.

Time really does fly, as reaching 2021 means Invosys is 15 years old. Thankfully, we’re now able to celebrate together and are putting on an out-of-office festival where there’ll be food, drink, entertainers, live DJs and even a mini funfair (think Glastonbury without all the mud!). All staff are invited plus any family and close friends of the business. It’s our massive thank you to everyone who’s made such an outstanding contribution over the past 15 years.

Our staff are committed to offering a world-class service supported by industry-leading telecommunications solutions. GET IN TOUCH TODAY to find out more about how we can help.