Over the years, there’s been a significant shift in how and where businesses handle their calls.

Gone are the days when employees were anchored to their desks to make sure no customer calls went unanswered. Staff illness or bad weather days no longer have to equal business disruption, and remote and shift workers aren’t restricted by the constraints of traditional phone systems.

Why’s that, you ask? We can thank savvy solutions like Invosys Agent Ready…

Agent Ready is a unique app that distributes calls from a single telephone number to a group of phone lines, making it the ideal solution for any business with multiple employees working away from the office.

From managing your team and monitoring performance on the go to saving the faff of amending call-routing to match staff rotas, Agent Ready offers many benefits for your business.

Interested? Let’s dive in…

Improved access to your endpoints

No matter where your employees are based or what hours they work, Invosys Agent Ready ensures every call goes to the right person.

Integrated with our Invosys Number Manager solution, Agent Ready enables remote users to log in and out of hunt groups on their mobile device at the swipe of a button — something that would previously have required a phone call or access to a website.

Do your field engineers work sporadic hours? No problem: Agent Ready allows users to enter themselves into the hunt group with ease, so you know when they’re on call.

Have you hit peak business hours with a queue of waiting customers on the line? Simply add available agents to the hunt group to avoid a backlog. Want to avoid sifting through the numbers of every employee when directing a call? Agent Ready allows you to call the same number every time — the app will control when and where that call routes.

And remember: whilst you can control your endpoints from your smartphone and web browser, it’s not Agent Ready that answers the call. Our solution is simply the toggle switch (the middleman, if you will) that sends the call where it needs to go. This means you can pick it up on your mobile, desk or home phone, forward missed calls to a voicemail service or transfer them to another number.

Increased flexibility for your team

Our Agent Ready app allows users to pre-set availability through the Number Manager platform.

But we get it. Life happens. Sometimes sailing through nine to five hours, five days a week just isn’t possible…

If employees are ill, on holiday or need to flex their hours, rather than going into Number Manager and disrupting the whole call system, Agent Ready gives users the freedom to adjust their availability and customise how their call-routing options — without any fuss.

Agent Ready is also the ideal tool to compliment increasingly popular bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies.

BYOD enables employees to use their own smartphones for work purposes, which is not only convenient, but offers greater flexibility. When using their own devices, your remote workforce can complete pending tasks without worrying about the device they use as they travel around different locations.

Most importantly, though, it gives them the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime — and Agent Ready ensures whatever devices your staff are using, they’ll never have to miss a customer call.

Boosted insights and productivity

The demand for outstanding customer service is getting higher and higher. But how can you ensure your business communications are efficient and effective?

Through Invosys Number Manager’s detailed reporting suite, Agent Ready generates valuable call-flow statistics. From the number of calls answered and their duration to the busiest time of day for calls, this data offers in-depth insights to help you understand how to structure your workflow and enhance productivity.

Using this information allows you to monitor peak periods, manage workloads and staffing and ensure customer expectations are met consistently.

The more data you have, the more prepared and strategic you can be year on year — leading to bigger success for your team and your company in the long run.

Want to see how Invosys Agent Ready can transform your customers’ remote workforce? Request a demo today and get in touch with our expert team at 0161 444 3333 for more information.