Do you know about Invosys Enterprise?

Enterprise is Invosys’ drag-and-drop provisioning tool, designed to make building complex services within Number Manager simple.

Accessible through our Invosys Number Manager portal, Enterprise gives you the freedom to interlink multiple intelligent call routing nodes to make up your bespoke and intelligent call handling solutions — effortlessly meeting your customers’ unique business needs.

Unlike other standard service builds, which can be pretty restricted and methodical, Enterprise services are constructed using nodes.

Think of these as Lego building blocks, linking together to build the journey of an incoming call…

The building blocks of Enterprise

Similar to Lego, if you want to add or change something about your call journey, it’s as easy as adding or swapping another building block.  

 Any unused blocks can be kept to the side for safekeeping rather than being discarded, and if you want to put a block back in but in a different place, that’s no problem. 

 Since our Enterprise portal is designed to mirror a call-routing ‘map’, it’s easy for customers to understand where each call will end up. Want to knock the whole thing to the ground and then rebuild it? Number Manager and Enterprise will remember your previous call routing configurations, making starting again as easy as possible. 

 Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve your callers’ experience or a large corporation trying to manage over a hundred calls going to the same point, Invosys Enterprise allows you to create an entirely bespoke call flow that suits your business. 

 So, let’s unpack some of these clever Enterprise nodes, shall we?  

Never let a call go unanswered

Thanks to our diverse destination groups, you can make sure customer calls are always answered by the right people…

Want your calls to head straight to management and then filter through various departments? No problem. Keen to make sure customer calls are only received by your support team? Enterprise has got it covered. Is your office closed due to the weather? Route your calls to alternative numbers (or even automate the process) to keep your business communications live — no matter what.

Enterprise also allows you to set bespoke ringtones for your customers, enable call recording for specific destinations and transfer calls to another destination or agent mid-call (available for Enterprise tier accounts).

Good, right?

Keep communications flowing 

Invosys Enterprise’s time of day node allows you to direct calls to different endpoints depending on the time of day or the day of the week. For example, if your team work remotely on Tuesdays and Thursdays, calls can be directed to a suitable endpoint to keep communications flowing smoothly.

With our date exceptions feature, you can set dates when the service should behave differently from the usual call handling set-up, like during a bank holiday.

Using time of day or date exception rules across your company’s estate of phone numbers means all these changes happen seamlessly and without any intervention needed from you. Of course, changes can also be made on the fly — all you need is an internet connection.

Should anything unexpected happen, like snow days or team sickness, backup plans for your phone system can be ready and waiting to keep communications covered. 

Spot scam calls a mile away

Our caller exception node, available for Enterprise tier accounts, allows your customer service agents to treat callers from specified numbers differently — from safelisting VIPs blocklisting spam callers. 

Want to take things up a notch? Our Invosys Call Shield solution can be integrated with Enterprise to identify the tell-tale signs of a potentially fraudulent or spam phone call. 

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Call Shield interrogates the DNA of the call, alerting you to suspicious activity before criminals can obtain sensitive personal information or valuable business details. Calls can then be dropped or routed to different destinations if required. 

So, we’ve given you the tools you need to take control of your call routing plans. Instead of working within the limitations of what your platform can or can’t do, simply take your Enterprise building blocks and create the flexible call-routing system for you.  

Want to learn more about our Invosys Enterprise solution? Request a demo to see how we can transform communications for your business.