One of the biggest challenges facing companies nationwide is the recruitment crisis — and the telecommunications industry is no exception.

The pressure has always been on for telco support desks. After all, a reliable and effective communication system is the cog that keeps the whole industry turning.

But despite the importance of customer communication and the evolving technologies that support it, contact centre recruitment remains a challenge in 2023.

In the UK, the average employee turnover is 15% — for call centre roles, it’s 26%. That’s a big jump. Not only do telcos need to fill positions quickly and efficiently to cover the increasing skills gaps, but they also need to retain their staff. High staff turnover is expensive; training costs, recruitment fees and loss in output all add up.

And as the cost-of-living crisis continues to soar, budgets are getting lower, yet the demand for outstanding customer service is getting higher and higher.

We know we’re painting a pretty gloomy scene. But we’re here with a solution — and we think you’ll like it…

It’s time to outsource your communications

When there are gaps in your workforce, it can feel like ‘all hands on deck’ still isn’t enough hands. So, instead of making do with an understaffed workforce, why not enlist the support of a managed services provider (MSP)?

An MSP is an outsourced third party that assumes responsibility and control of the day-to-day operations of a business, assisting with 24/7 support to help companies cut the cost of providing these services themselves.

These managed telco services can include anything from technology consulting and help desk assistance to product support, minimising downtime of business-critical services and freeing up resources for other functions.

See, we told you there’d be good news! And it gets better. Take a look at all the benefits MSPs can offer…

Scalable for a growing business

Right now, businesses are struggling to hire, train and maintain staff, resulting in understaffed and overworked communications teams that are unable to get everything done

There’s no longevity in this structure for businesses looking to survive — let alone excel.

Using a managed service provider can help you expand your offering without the pressure of finding and onboarding new employees — and you’ll never have to worry about your experts jumping ship!

Plus, we all know the telco industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. An MSP helps your business stay flexible to accommodate ongoing market changes.

Cost-efficient (without comprising quality)

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer services sector saw a 32% increase in employee wages.

Since then, this wage inflation (not to mention the general cost-of-living crisis) has made it difficult for many telcos to recruit and retain customer sales staff, and businesses can no longer ignore rising costs. But that’s where MSPs come in…

Without adding a single person to your payroll, MSPs can help fill any technical skills, knowledge or headcount gaps to ensure your business runs smoothly without additional hiring costs.

All-encompassing services

If all that wasn’t enough, managed telco services make it easier to do your job.

You can trust an MSP to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales whilst focusing on your core business efforts and goals.

From improving productivity with white-labelled services to minimising expenses with hands-on maintenance, an MSP can fill any gap your telco has (or bolster your existing team), allowing you to stay focused on building your business and keeping competitive in the market.

Which MSP is right for you?

Before you go diving into the MSP pool head-first, take some time to consider what your business needs to excel…

24/7 telecom support service, so end-users are never left in the dark. MSPs that offer round-the-clock support allow you to extend your business’ opening hours and drive-up customer satisfaction effortlessly. Plus, professional 24/7 telecoms support is totally white-labelled, acting as a true extension of your business.

A solid business continuity plan (just in case). A good MSP will include a contingency plan in its services to help keep customer dissatisfaction at bay should a problem arise — giving your team confidence and security and reducing recovery timescales.

The ability to actively tackle potential caller fraud. An MSP that can identify the tell-tale signs of fraud is a good bet in our books. Data breaches affect millions of users every year, and we don’t see fraudulent calls going away anytime soon. So, safeguarding your businesses from number spoofing scams and other cyber attacks is essential.

The maths is simple: a robust team plus happy customers equals a successful business. Don’t let skills gaps put you out of business — instead, lean on the support of a managed service provider and reap the rewards…

With Invosys Pro Services, you can outsource dozens of telco functions to our friendly and experienced team — and benefit from 24/7 support. Call 0161 444 3333 to learn more or book a demo of our services today.