Telecommunications has always been an ever-changing industry. Performance standards are constantly being set, and new competition is met daily — particularly in the wake of recent events.

The last two years have further emphasised how important it is for businesses to change with the times. In 2022, telcos find themselves at a crossroads: they can either dither around the edges to achieve incremental progress or take advantage of the reinvention of the industry accelerated by the pandemic.

At Invosys, we understand that innovation is vital, especially in this do-or-die economy. So, what market trends should your business be adapting to in 2022?

Telephony meets the cloud


Cloud computing is one of the most transformative technologies of our time. By moving data and applications to the cloud, users can access them from anywhere, and businesses can enjoy increased agility, flexibility and scalability. But although customers are accustomed to seeing cloud technology in an IT and data environment, this hasn’t always been the case from a telephony point of view.

Since the pandemic and the scramble for hybrid-working solutions, there’s been an urgency for end users to be able to work remotely whilst retaining the same user experience — whether they’re mobile, sitting in the office or working from home. That’s where cloud technology comes in.

Organisations have promised cloud-based hosted telephony with true convergence of telecoms and IT for over a decade. At Invosys, we like to practice what we preach…

Our ground-breaking MS Teams direct routing solution enables customers to route calls to and from Microsoft Teams, utilising all the advanced features of Invosys’ comprehensive Number Manager: our industry-leading inbound call management platform.

This public switched telephone network (PSTN) solution gives users complete control of their call flows from one place, allowing Teams users to quickly and easily synchronise with the Number Manager service at the click of a button.

Similarly, our Invosys Flow hosted solution is a practical, fully featured unified communications platform that allows businesses to manage costs, users and security through a single portal — removing the need to switch between numerous separate platforms.


Data and connectivity


The journey to the cloud is also the driving force behind another market trend: data and connectivity.

Cloud-based users and businesses are hungrier for bandwidth than ever. As the use of video calls increases, so does the need for bigger, better and faster connectivity.

Plus, the imminent Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Switch-Off has those working from home questioning whether they should go to fibre and how much bandwidth they would need. Connection quality must be up to scratch to ensure productivity levels are the same at home as in the office.

Though fibre to the premise (FTTP) is still being rolled out across the UK, you may not have access yet (check if your area is eligible here). But not to worry — we have you covered.

As an interim solution for customers, single order generic ethernet access (SoGEA) provides broadband without a phone line, readying you for the Switch-Off. It’s quick to install, reliable to use and offers a cost-effective solution to future-proof your connectivity.

Now, it’s time to chat…

Multi-channel communications

 Living in this digital era has instilled in us one thing: we want answers, and we want them now.

A challenge for businesses has been providing options for customer service. What method of contact do customers prefer? Whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, emails or phone calls, customers want choice and immediacy in their communication.

Invosys’ drive for exceptional customer service and support has always set us apart from our primary competitors. Still, we understand the importance of evolution. That’s why we aim to transform how we communicate with our customers through chatbots and social media, ensuring they get the same user experience on every channel they use.

A finger on the pulse

The telco market of 2022 offers a unique opportunity to either completely reimagine your business or risk being overtaken by more relevant competitors.

As a result, Invosys is undergoing a transition, looking at every aspect of our services to keep our products relevant, our communication strong and our business model stable. All businesses are finding themselves in a sink-or-swim position — how will yours utilise these market trends to stay afloat?

Need help revolutionising your services to stay one step ahead of market trends? Invosys is your solution. Contact us at +44 (0)161 444 3333 or email today!