We’ve spoken at length about how great our new MS Teams Direct Routing solution is and its abundance of benefits for businesses.

Now, you don’t just need to take our word for it.

We spoke to Hyped Marketing: one of our customers that recently moved its phone systems over to our Direct Routing software through Microsoft Teams. And on receiving so much positive feedback, we want to let the world know just how much of a difference the Invosys solution has made.


Based in the charming market town of Farnham in Surrey, Hyped Marketing is a small digital marketing agency with no more than 20 employees. While Hyped still has a physical office space in Farnham, employees are based remotely and work from home most days.

But like many businesses, Hyped was 100% office-based before March 2020. Back then, working from home wasn’t really on the cards and calls were answered within the company’s four walls.

As a small business with a flexible working space within the office, Hyped had several desk phones. The company also used VoIP that routed calls through to a handful of mobiles if anyone knew they’d need to answer a call away from the office.

But then the pandemic hit, causing Hyped to upend its way of working and consider other avenues. However, it quickly became apparent that everything about remote working suited Hyped to a tee.

Everything except the company’s phone infrastructure, that is.

Hyped’s VoIP system simply wasn’t built for remote working. Every team member either had a company phone or had to download an app to which the calls were routed — but this meant most employees had to use their personal devices to answer calls or give out their personal numbers.

And once Hyped started using Microsoft Teams for its day-to-day activity and file storing, it became a mission to juggle multiple communication platforms. Calls started to get missed more often, and it was a headache to transfer callers to the right team member.

The solution? Enter: Invosys MS Teams Direct Routing Solution.


Invosys’ Direct Routing solution routes all of a company’s inbound calls through to its Microsoft Teams platform. This unique solution integrates VoIP seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, enabling businesses like Hyped to handle all internal or external communications via a single interface.

The solution allows users to link their Microsoft Teams account with Invosys Number Manager simply and efficiently. It takes just a few minutes to set up, and synchronising the two platforms takes place at the click of a button.

What’s more, we offer total flexibility of number presentation. Users can maintain complete control of which number is presented on outbound calls, as well as bring their own number ranges over to ensure consistency with the previous phone system.


On speaking to the team at Hyped, the overarching feedback about our Direct Routing solution is that it’s made calling significantly easier. Transferring calls between team members is simple, and the dial pad functionality means making outbound calls straight from a computer is straightforward.

The Direct Routing solution’s simplicity saves Hyped valuable time and ensures all calls are answered quickly and by the right person, boosting customer satisfaction and allowing the team to pick up more new leads.

And it’s not just improving the way calls are handled. The product has streamlined the managerial side of things, too, giving directors more visibility and flexibility over the wider time. Hyped’s Creative Director, Andrew Johnson, said:

“I love the way the user interface gives me a flowchart that I can easily change to keep up with the company’s needs. I can add people to the first responders, include new starters and change times and dates for answerphone messages to kick in.”

As a standalone platform, Microsoft Teams has enhanced Hyped’s productivity massively, offering a means of communication within the company and acting as an easy-to-use file sharing and storing software. However, our MS Teams Direct Routing solution has transformed things further, giving Hyped the tools to communicate with its customers better, drive up sales and save money.

Believe us yet? GET IN TOUCH TODAY, request a demo of our Direct Routing solution and see how Invosys can transform your business communications.