A busy GP Surgery receives a high volume of inbound calls which locked up their lines. Because they historically had ISDN, upgrading to hosted would be cost-prohibitive. Unable to find a solution that was both fit for purpose and cost-effective, they had resolved to stick with their current solution even though it brought them and their patients endless frustrations. The impending switch off of ISDN prompted them to reevaluate whether a solution existed that could work for them. Enter Invosys Hosted.

A long time Channel Partner of Invosys worked with the GP Surgery to evaluate their current and future needs. Invosys Hosted had recently launched with disruptive commercials which are based on concurrent calls rather than extensions or seats. This enabled the GP Surgery access to modern hosted telephony features, including intelligent call queuing for their patients, at a fraction of the cost of competing hosted solutions.


  • The current setup includes two ISDN2’s – maximum of 4 phone lines
  • 16 devices within the office but only 4 calls can be handled at any given time
  • There are two receptionists who can only answer two phone calls at a time. All other callers receive engaged tones
  • If anyone is using the phone this further limits inbound calls
  • All other hosted solutions were significantly more expensive than their current solution


  • Invosys Hosted with upgraded IP hardware
  • 16 devices and extensions but only billed for two licences
  • Intelligent queuing thanks to Number Manager which integrates seamlessly with Invosys Hosted allowing callers to be kept in an orderly queue


  • Intelligent call queuing via Number Manager creates a professional and markedly improved experience for patients
  • Modern hosted telephony features include voicemail on hold
  • Voicemail to email hunt groups and email
  • A completely upgraded system that can scale with them as they evolve