A growing joinery business struggled to find a suitable hosted telephony solution that gave them the features they needed without being prohibitively expensive. Not only was presenting a mobile number giving them an unprofessional appearance, the owner of the company was burdened with being “on call” around the clock due to the lack of call management. They explored a number of hosted solutions, but all were either lacking the features they needed or designed for larger companies.

A trusted Invosys reseller partner worked with them to create a tailored solution that is both modern and cost effective. Utilising Invosys Hosted, the company now presents a professional appearance with a local telephone number which greets callers with a professional IVR. Calls are diverted to mobiles via direct extensions, ring groups or diverts and any calls outside of office hours can be sent to a designated on call representative.


  • Working from mobiles which presented an unprofessional appearance.
  • Company grew quickly bringing on more customers and staff.
  • Alternative off the shelf hosted solutions were prohibitively expensive due to inflexible commercials.


  • Invosys Hosted with full suite of features including professional IVR; voicemail to email; out of hours greetings and mobile diverts.
  • Single licence shared across five devices.


  • Modern professional appearance.
  • Increased functionality thanks to Invosys Hosted’s robust feature set.
  • Scalable solution that can grow and evolve with the company.
  • Reseller benefited from increased margins whilst saving the customer money thanks to Invosys Hosted’s disruptive commercials.