A large UK financial institution wanted to add an extra layer of intelligence into their call routing. With 2,700 inbound numbers on the Cisco ICM platform, they needed the ability to group numbers not only by the number itself, but also by how they were terminated to their 16 call centre locations. The customer also needed the ability to easily toggle where calls were sent, depending on which call centres were being maintained. They also required the ability to increase the number of active call centres when requiring extra capacity.

Invosys worked with the reseller and the customer to add this extra layer of intelligence. We provided full consultancy to the reseller and the customer, as well as joining regular meetings and conference calls throughout the planning, design, build and QA process.


  • The Cisco ICM platform the customer was using is soon to be end of life.
  • The customer had services with multiple providers making operational support more complex.
  • Current set up was not in line with global strategy and commercially inefficient.


  • Replaced ICM with a combination of ratio routing and new layer of bespoke intelligence within Number Manager.
  • Delivered the same functionality as ICM through a simplified service and reduced.
  • Bespoke branded portal designed in line with corporate branding specification.
  • Simple workflow to allowed call centres to be activated and at the touch of a button.


  • The customer received a simple solution offering considerable cost savings.
  • Provided an instant disaster recovery and business continuity solution.
  • Intuitive portal enabled the customer to simplify their internal processes.
  • Change could be deployed rapidly
  • which resulted in instant benefit realisation.