An international reseller in Australia familiar with Number Manager from previous business in the UK approached Invosys to create a version of the portal that would work across the Australasian market. The customer struggled to find an inbound portal in Australia which matched the functionality available in Number Manager and Invosys stepped up to the challenge to create an instance of the portal suitable for resellers in that territory.

In consultation with Invosys, the customer sourced the necessary hardware and network connectivity in Australia and hosted locally. Once this hardware was accessible, Invosys deployed an internationalised version of Number Manager and the core call processing platform. Timezone and area plan routing development formed part of the territory-specific customisations for this customer allowing them to trade across all regions within Australia and New Zealand.


  • Lack of a feature-rich inbound product in Australia
  • Multiple timezones across the region
  • Finding a portal that could be white-labelled
  • Sourcing a supplier that could provide international numbering and routing solutions


  • Completely white labelled inbound platform in the company’s own branding
  • Introduction of Time-zones
  • Area Based Routing for Australian and New Zealand geo areas
  • MoLI code configuration
  • White-labelled interface allowing for further custom branding


  • Benefit from all Number Manager inbound features across international territories
  • International numbering and provisioning
  • MoLI code configuration allows Number Manager to identify the exact location of inbound mobile calls routing accordingly