Invosys SIP is the fusion of cutting edge IP telephony technology with our industry leading Inbound call management platform.

Ultimate Control at your fingertips

Invosys SIP is fully integrated into the industry renowned Number Manager portal. This means that users can harness all the functionality of Number Manager without needing to replace their existing PBX and handset estate. Both the app and the online portal allow users to order and replace SIP trunks, view call traffic and much more.

VOIP features without replacing PBX

VOIP features without replacing PBX Hardware

SIP trunking is not a new product. Invosys SIP is. More than a dial tone, Invosys SIP allows your customers access to complex VOIP features without replacing PBX hardware they already own. Regardless of your customer’s telephony journey, Invosys SIP enables every step to take place within a single, easy to use interface.

ideal for:

✓ Companies looking to  upgrade to hosted telephony without having to replace their physical pbx

single portal

Regardless of where your customer is on their telephony journey, with Invosys SIP they can seamlessly upgrade from one hosted solution to another all within the same ecosystem.

cost efficiency

Lower cost connectivity than traditional ISDN on both calls and line rental. Minimal capital outlay as it will work with your current system allowing for advanced VOIP features without replacing PBX Hardware

Number flexibility

Invosys SIP allows the ability to have non-geographic and geographic numbers connected to inbound services. This implies a local presence without physically needing to be in a particular geographic area.

improved reporting

Invosys SIP uses our Number Manager reporting functionality to present all your reporting requirements including dialled / target number analysis, caller locations summary, live stats and
scheduled reports.

user experience

Utilise the cloud to better manage your services, such as queue your calls in the cloud rather than your PBX to offer a consistent experience across multi sites.

confident resilience

Invosys SIP is built with resilience in mind. Running across servers at multiple sites, we can ensure that even in the unlikely event of a problem with our servers, a backup server will be on standby to ensure total continuity of service.

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