Intelligent voice

Streamlining the call experience

Intelligent voice services transform your phone systems. Our industry-leading Invosys Number Manager software offers seamless end-to-end call management, while cloud services provide a consistent, optimised user experience that you’ll love. And if you ever need it, you can always count on our 24/7 technical support team to help.

Inbound calls

Who’d have thought advanced call routing could be so cost-effective — and so easy?! The Invosys Number Manager app makes things simple, providing a streamlined call experience from start to finish. And it’s totally scalable too, allowing you to quickly scale up or down as needed.

Invosys Number Manager gives you access to a full suite of sophisticated telephony solutions and is packed with functionality — from multi-device operation, voicemail and secure call recording to ‘out-of-hours’ settings, instant disaster recovery and various automation options.

And if you need any assistance using the platform, we’re here to help. All customers receive full, free-of-charge training and guidance on using Number Manager, plus ongoing support to help you stay on top of your phone system.

Invosys SIP

Want to update your current phone system without the expense or hassle of fitting any new hardware? We’ve fused cutting-edge telephony technology with our market-leading inbound call management platform — Invosys Number Manager — allowing you to upgrade to advanced VoIP features without replacing your existing PBX system or handsets.

Invosys SIP comes at a much lower cost than traditional ISDN telephony networks. And unlike other communications providers, we’re able to offer Number Manager — our advanced call routing solution with practically limitless functionality — as part of your SIP upgrade.

Our SIP solution also allows you to connect geographic and non-geographic numbers to any inbound services. So, you can maintain your local presence without needing to be physically located in a particular area.

Invosys Enterprise

One size never fits all. Invosys Enterprise ensures every solution can be different — allowing you to create a call routing service that’s unique to your business needs.

Based on our iconic Number Manager platform, Enterprise is a drag-and-drop tool that makes building call plans even easier, giving you more flexibility to route your calls, with all the effective features of Number Manager thrown in.

Enterprise gives you the freedom to interlink multiple call routing nodes to make up your bespoke and intelligent call handling solutions. You can even link to your existing services through Enterprise, allowing you to build a multi-layered call network that’s integrated with your current communications infrastructure.

Whether you need some friendly advice, help managing your current systems or a complete overhaul, we can and are happy to help!