Unified Communications

Making remote working effortless

A new era of telephony has arrived. To successfully operate a fully diverse virtual team, you need a flexible, remote telephony system that can be set up and configured in minutes. Every business wants to manage its inbound calls differently, and our adaptable solutions give you the power to decide exactly how your calls are routed — revolutionising how your business does remote working.

Invosys Flow

Invosys Flow is a practical unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution that brings together telephony, PBX, messaging, meetings and call-centre functionalities into one easy-to-use app — allowing you to manage costs, users and security through a single portal, while removing the need to switch between numerous separate platforms.

With Invosys Flow, you can communicate via calls, video conferencing, real-time group chats, public rooms and one-on-one instant messaging or even share files — enhancing your internal communications and ramping up productivity. And thanks to the virtual routing functionality and dynamic call queue feature, calls are always answered by the right person to guarantee an exceptional caller experience.

What’s more, all minutes are bundled when using Invosys Flow, allowing you to keep tight control of all your call costs.

Direct routing with MS Teams

Invosys’ unique MS Teams direct routing solution integrates your phone system into Microsoft Teams, giving you full control over your call flows from a familiar platform.

Using our virtual routing solution, you can also maintain control over the numbers presented on outbound calls. Your business will look the same on the outside, but your communications will be operating smoother than ever on the inside.

You don’t need to worry about losing any data when transferring your phone system, either. It’s simple to bring a set of number ranges over to Microsoft Teams, and we’ll handle it all — synchronising your current contacts to Microsoft Teams at the click of a button, so all your users are set up and ready to go.

Invosys Agent Ready

The Invosys Agent Ready app distributes calls from a single telephone number to a group of phone lines, making it the ideal solution if you have multiple employees working away from the office.

Agent Ready is intuitive, easy to use and simple to set up. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, the app is our answer to streamlining remote workforces with a high volume of inbound calls across multiple different numbers.

With Agent Ready, your remote call centre teams, sales teams or any employees working from home can easily log in and out of their corporate phone systems to access inbound calls. Plus, Agent Ready offers in-depth call insights that can help you understand how to structure your workflow better to boost productivity.

Whether you need some friendly advice, help managing your current systems or a complete overhaul, we can and are happy to help!