Are Your Customers Still Using ISDN?
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Have You Spoken to Your Customers About IP Telephony?

With BT planning to cease taking orders for ISDN from businesses in 2020 and the complete ISDN switch off in 2025, businesses now need to consider their options for the future.

What this means for VoIP resellers is an unmissable opportunity to provide IP telephony to businesses still using ISDN potentially before the larger providers such as BT can do so.
ISDN switch off

If you have not yet spoken to your customers about migrating to VoIP, you can bet someone else will do soon…

How Many Businesses Still USE ISDN?

It was reported by OFCOM in 2018 that there were over “2 million businesses in the UK still using ISDN technology” despite its legacy status. There is a clear market made of businesses that still need to take their first step into IP telephony before the ISDN switch off.

Luckily, Invosys can make that first step a little easier with a solution to suit every businesses’ needs.

Invosys SIP

ISDN switch off

Invosys Hosted

ISDN switch off

Invosys SIP was designed to bring the functionality of VoIP technology to businesses with the convenience of allowing them to keep on using their existing PBX hardware.

This fusion of existing PBX technology and modern IP telephony can make that initial step a little easier for businesses, with little transition required.

For those ready to truly embrace the next phase of communications technology, Invosys Hosted can take their business into the future.

Our Hosted solution was designed with both simplicity and functionality in mind. Detailed call routing scenarios can be set up and managed with little to no training required due to the platform’s simple but intuitive design.

How Can Invosys Help You Help Your Customers?

Invosys is always on hand to help its partners increase their customer base, look after their technology needs and delight existing customers.

With bespoke solutions, pick and choose feature sets and commercials that scale to fit businesses’ needs, we can help you help your customers find the IP solution that truly meets their requirement.

Together, we can help your customers get ahead of the ISDN switch off and your business in front of the rush to provide alternative IP solutions.