Advanced Call Queuing Creates a Better Customer Experience
Advanced Call queuing

Call queuing benefits both the customer and the business using the solution. How? It helps to build a better caller experience that increases customer conversion rates and protects employee productivity.

The Invosys product suite offers a range of call handling features including advanced call queuing capabilities for inbound, Hosted and SIP services.

Advanced Call queuing
How Does Advanced Call Queueing Help Customers?
Advanced Call queuing
Providing Reassurance

Reassuring a customer that their call will be answered is simple with Number Manager’s advanced queueing features. Businesses can play their own custom recorded messages or announce the caller’s queue position to them to always keep them in the loop.

Advanced Call queuing
Less Time Spent Waiting

No one enjoys waiting for their call to be answered. With call queueing from Invosys, businesses can choose to include queue cut off thresholds that automatically divert to voicemail. Customers can also choose to divert to voicemail at any point if they no longer wish to wait for their call to be answered.

Advanced Call Queuing Features
Advanced Call queuing
Mid Call Transfers

Businesses can transfer callers between call queues. This can help them to manage waiting times by diverting callers to a less congested queue.

Advanced Call queuing
Real Time Reporting

Businesses can keep on top of call queues by monitoring how many callers are in the queue and how long they have been waiting using real-time call statistics.

Advanced Call queuing
Custom Audios 

Businesses can use a standard message, or record their own, to give a personal greeting to their customers in the call queue.

Advanced Call queuing
Menu Options 

A phone system menu allows callers to route themselves to the correct department.

Advanced Call queuing
Queue Thresholds 

Businesses can define thresholds for their queues so that callers are automatically redirected to voicemail or another department if a queue threshold is reached.

Advanced Call queuing
Voicemail Options 

Our voicemail services give customers the option to leave voicemail messages rather than waiting in the queue.

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