The Joy of Hosted – It’s about to get disruptive

August 2, 2017

Last time Sales Director Steve Glaister gave an insight into the new Invosys Hosted product. In this blog, he talks about the disruption the product is about to cause in the channel and why some providers are going to have to tear up their business plans.

We’ve come at our hosted platform from the reverse direction of virtually all other suppliers. We have an established, industry leading inbound number routing platform and our hosted offering is an extension of that. In a nutshell, all of our inbound products have been added on to a hosted switchboard which has its own set of functions as well.

That sounds complicated.

Behind the scenes – yes, it is. But that part is for us to worry about. From a user’s perspective, we’ve taken the Invosys ethos of beautiful, simple software and made it easy to use, logical to set up and built to work first time, every time. Job done.

That sounds great – but what does it actually mean?

We’ve metaphorically ripped up the rule book. We’ve spoken to our customers and listened to what they want.

Always one step ahead of the game, we’ve also come up with solutions that most of our competitors simply couldn’t, due to the nature of their business.

Our platform is not based on Broadsoft but instead has been developed by our own in-house skilled development team. This puts us in control over our own destiny – our requests will always be top of the queue, never competing with other telecom companies from around the world. We now have the ability to route every call over multiple carriers, sending each one to at least two terminating suppliers. The first one to take the call gets it and routes it – it really is as simple as that.

This means that if there is a network or route failure the end user will be completely unaware, thus giving them true continuity of service. Not only does this allow us to provide a seamless experience for the end user but it also gives us the ability to route the traffic over the most cost-effective route available to us.

And the best bit – we can then pass on these cost savings to our partners.

We’re also currently working on the ability to allow our partners to become virtual carriers, giving them the ability to maintain existing relationships with carriers and Least Cost Route traffic on a call by call basis. The financial gains here come from having different routes for different types of traffic, namely UK landline and mobile. This also opens up all international destinations and more subtle routing like call access charges for NGNs.

The key offering here is choice to the reseller on every type of call.

In basic terms, it allows our resellers to take advantage of international tariff changes, minor changes to mobile termination routes and take the best routes for their customers.

It’s going to get disruptive.

This is going to mean that some providers will have to tear up their own business plans. Loss leaders will not exist as every minute will have to make money. Gone will be the days when headline rates look fantastic yet other lesser used rates are charged at a remarkable premium. This will be a new world to most and is disruptive to the extreme – yet it allows our resellers to offer something different – to create their own products and markets. It will also keep carriers honest and will make the customer experience a delight.

This gives the power and control to our reseller and will make this market the survival of the fittest, the most agile and the hunting ground for the companies that understand our channel.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Steve Glaister, Invosys Sales Director

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