The Invosys 12 Days of Christmas
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December 10, 2018

For business owners, Christmas can often be a balancing act between enjoying time off and ensuring that things still run smoothly at the office whilst they are away. To help take the pressure off, the 12 Days of Invosys shows the steps that will ensure phone systems are ready to take on the festive period.

These steps are based around features of our proprietary call management platform, Number Manager. For more information, take a look at the full Number Manager brochure.

Date exceptions

Having date exceptions in place automatically changes call handling configuration on specified dates. This might be needed just on Christmas day itself, or for a period of time when you know staff won’t be available to answer calls.

Configure your date exceptions, and you won’t need to worry about phones going unanswered.

Out of hours settings

Setting how calls are handled when out of the office is just as important as when someone is available to take calls. Why? Out of hours settings mean inbound callers are not left trying your lines to no avail and becoming frustrated.

Preconfigure office hours before Christmas, and set a seasonal message to keep callers informed.

Disaster recovery

In business, things can go wrong at any point. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst scenarios possible so that if disaster does strike, your business can continue with minimal disruption.

One of the worst times a problem could occur is at Christmas. With most of us focused on other things, getting a resolution to your disaster can be difficult, to say the least. Preconfigure disaster recovery settings through Number Manager and all you have to do is push a button to enable them and avoid a crisis.

Service audios

Fill callers with Christmas cheer by changing service’s audios to a friendly and warm festive message. With the ability to record custom audios for services, businesses can truly personalise the experience for callers to your lines and create a long lasting impression.

Queuing & Comfort messages

At Christmas, businesses may experience a spike in call traffic. Number Manager allows you to build and manage virtual queues to keep waiting customers happy during peak times of inbound call traffic. Call queues are an unfortunate part of life, but they can be made more bearable for customers with updated comfort messages over Christmas, letting them know when would be a better time to call or just letting them know their call will be answered soon.

Music on Hold

Waiting in a call queue is never fun. Playing some comforting music to callers can help reduce the unease of waiting for an operator in complete silence. This simple feature of Number Manager can make waiting a little less frustrating for callers and since it’s the festive period, why not use a Christmas themed track?

Time of Day Settings

Exceptions for calls can be made on a time of day basis through Number Manager. Know the office will all be leaving early before the Christmas party? Update time of day settings from the usual 9 to 5, and make sure calls that come through are redirected to an active agent.

IVR Menus

Over the Christmas period, it’s commonplace to extend return periods, change opening times, or have an increased wait time for certain services.

With Number Manager, you can set up IVR menus relating to different departments, allowing callers to redirect themselves to the line they need or simply get answers to frequently asked questions.

Update IVR Menus and keep callers informed about any changes taking place over Christmas.

Voicemail Services

It is understandable calls might be missed during the Christmas period – after all, who can really say they will be keeping an eye on the phone?

Update voicemails to let callers know someone will get back to them (when the tinsel has been taken down). Missed something important? Number Manager lets you access voicemails from an email inbox, so staff can check from the comfort of their homes.

Caller exceptions

So you don’t want to take any calls this Christmas, apart from that one priority customer who could call at any moment… Do you keep your lines open the whole time and answer every call?

By using Number Manager’s caller exceptions, you are able to specify certain numbers to be treated differently than every other number calling through to your lines.

Got a nuisance caller? Block their calls instantly. Caller exceptions work both ways.

Call routes / Diverts

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home having Christmas dinner, out of the country, or in the office. With Number Manager’s call routing functions, incoming traffic can be diverted to any device of your choice.

Redirect call traffic to a mobile phone, and you only need to nip away from the Christmas Dinner to answer a call should one come in.

Invosys 24/7

Are your technical support team pulling the double shift this Christmas? Are they taking their Christmas Dinner at their desks? Why not give them some well deserved time off?

Instead of roping your support staff in for the whole of the Christmas period (or taking those calls yourself), the Invosys 24/7 team are on hand around the clock to look after your inbound technical support calls.

Our agents undergo comprehensive onboarding regarding every aspect of your business, from the technology itself through to your tone of delivery. This is so that they can deliver the same high standard of service that your customers expect.

What better gift could you give yourself this Christmas than true peace of mind? Find out more about Invosys 24/7 by downloading our product brochure today.

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